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'CHICAGO DOMINATION FEST 4 - 27th-30th July 2017', First Flyer Revealed

Eternal Eclipse Productions in association with Two Brothers Brewing Company and Cruelty Cabinet presents the event called 'Chicago Domination Fest' - Where Brutality Reigns Supreme in the Midwest! '. It was the fourth since first held in 2014 which featuring Devourment, Gorgasm, Unmerciful, Incinerate, Asphyxiator, Delusional parasitosis, and Human Bashing.   Continues with the 2nd year of the Event (2015) that featuring ' Necrophagia, Waco Jesus, Against the plagues, Rupture Christ, Putrid Pile, Mouthing the Offal, Gutrot, TON, Putrid Pile, and Asphyxiator.

Meanwhile,CDF III (2016) has just been held.   It was diverse because of the show off bands in outside of the United States, such as' Disentomb, Rottenness, and Epicardiectomy.  Featuring 22 bands in two days concludes that this event attracts the attention of brutal heads in the world. Moreover, unify in a larger venue, increasingly generate a total blasting and totally sickness.

Next year (2017), they come back, with many bands, of course, three-day shows at the same venue, and this is not only leading to blasting or sickness, however, it will burn your spine definitely. A few days ago, they announced Guttural Secrete and Goratory as the final line-up for the first session. Meanwhile, there will be 12 bands that will be announced in due time, so stay tuned and will be posted here.

Currently, there are 20 bands that have been confirmed by the first poster that has been published, and among them, there are three bands that come from outside of America, such as Indecent Excision (Italy), Party-Cannon (Scotland), and Crepitation (United Kingdom) , hope there will be more bands from outside of the United States. Here is a list of  sick bands that will perform at Chicago Domination Fest 4.

Guttural Secrete (OFFICIAL) (Nevada)
Indecent Excision (Italy)
Goratory (Massachusetts)
Cephalotripsy (OFFICIAL)
Embalmer (Ohio)
Incinerate (Minnesota)
PaRtY-CaNnOn (Scotland)
CREPITATION (United Kingdom)
Parasitic Ejaculation (California) 
Torturous Inception (New York)
Sarcophagy (Indiana)
Necrotic Disgorgement (Ohio)
Desecrate the Faith (Texas)
Sexual Atrocities (Wisconsin)
Coathanger Abortion (Tennesse)
Asphyxiator (Illinois)
Splattered (California)
Fetal Disgorge (Official) (Arizona)
Cordyceps (Nevada)
Engutturalment Cephaloslamectomy (Indiana)

''Where Brutality Reigns Supreme in the Midwest!''
27,28,30 July 2017
Venue: Wire, 6815 Roosevelt Rd, Berwyn, United States

written and edit by Hephaesthus
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