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'DEMONSEED', The new song 'Goats Go To Hell' from forthcoming album presented

It is an obligation for the media, and I felt proud when writing about a band who has long awaited to listen to their music. Threatening from the 90s death metal attack that has a depth of Texas death metal savory grooves, and always to remember in the ears when listening to their music, and now, they come back, this time not again to threaten for dying, yet now present to execute of dying.

I waited twelve years for this second, and finally receive the clarity that, the Russian label 'Lord Of Sick Recordings' will release their second album, entitled' Human Disposal Syndicate 'on December 14, 2016. And a song that has been published entitled' Goats go to Hell 'is enough for me to prepare about 30 dollars for a CD + T-Shirt + Poster + Sticker.

Furthermore, 'Goats go to hell' such as kicked in my face even in my chest suddenly, when preceded by an assault of incisive riffs, and I was imagining someone wants to stab my body from behind.   However, you should be aware that it's just a bit of riff that stomping the head suddenly, due to I'm sure I'll find numerous incisive riffs, expressions for killing, and also will be excessive executions for headbanging that I would like to do from their coming album.

I realize, just as 'Anatomy of Atrocity' which had various of angry and emotional instability, and also the catchy riffs from the lines and grooves that are difficult to predict. 'Goats go to hell' from the upcoming album still showing consistency. Killing inside of the variety ways, in the other sense, Demonseed executes diverse the obsolete death metal riffs , yet still, reveal the condition of torture from the old way of death metal. Moreover, when I listened to dozens of times, evidently, it was the anal of Gore that fused with their death metal.

Written by Cerberus
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