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Welcome to The Hard-Lines Extreme Metal Civilization 2009-Now

'DEUS OTIOSUS', The single from forthcoming album presented

They always show up, when I'm tired of reading the news from the metal media, which always publishing the fucking commercial bands. Moreover, They always come when I need the energy to exist. Absolutely,They create a spirit in 'Disturbing The Dead' while adding at least blood in my body. And now, I am ready for opposing, attacking and threatening.

After signing for France label 'Great Dane Records' to release the Fourth full-length album titled 'Opposer' that planned in the spring of next year (2017), Danish death metal 'Deus Otiosus' presents a single entitled 'Disturbing The Dead' is taken from the upcoming album.  Please listen to it at this location.

While, the front cover art was designed by Danish artist 'Claude Wit'.  The Folowing news will be posted soon.

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