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'E.B.D.B', Track List and Advance songs from Forthcoming second full-length revealed

Belgium groovy slamming death metal, 'E.B.D.B' aka 'Ejaculation Beyond Diarrhea Boundaries' will release their second full-length entitled 'Choking on the body of Christ' in the first of December 2016 through Germany label 'Rotten Roll Rex' on CD and Digital.

3 Years after the debut album 'A Bullet Up Your Nostril', the EBDB crew (ft current and ex-members of Murder Intentions, Naked Ape and Boiling Remains) brings you a brand new full length album featuring 9 tracks of groovy slamming death metal, including a cover of a band only some people heard about before!

This is For fans of Skinless, Internal Bleeding, Dehumanized, Eternal Suffering, Broken Hope, Beastie Boys, 80’s & 90’s blockbusters & action movies, humour, bad taste, nihilism, sarcasm, cats,...

Meanwhile, the art for 'Choking on the body of Christ' was designed by Dahmer Art 

The advance songs from 'Choking on the body of Christ' have been published and you can check them in this location, whilst open the pre-order too

01 – Ate Ivctet... Escartem 1.40
02 – Necrophiliacs Against Cremation 3.16
03 – A Total Waste Of Sperm 4.34
04 – The Epic Tale About The Crowbar vs. The Jaw 3:17
05 – Whore... But Why ?!? 3:10
06 – Shotgun Selfie 1.52
07 – I Wish You Were Aborted 2.29
08 – Choking On The Body Of Christ 2.59
09 – Feeding Oscar To The Wolves 6.29


Rottem Roll Rex, EBDB
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