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FLESH PARTY OPEN AIR 4 - June 9-11 ,2017 Sered/Camping - SLOVAKIA: Full Line Up Confirmed

Flesh Party Open Air is Underground death grind core gore slam fest with good drinking family atmoshere.

Although you have a lot of death metal CD collection, it seems you can not be a true death metal fan if you do not watch the events.

This is it, The Screwy fest which we watch every year, since 2014.

Recently, the final line-up of the fourth edition of the Flesh Party Open Air has been released along with the flyer as well. This time, the event presents the monster brutal death metal, among others Italian 'Putridity' and Colombian 'Bacteremia', or you want to watch the something insane of Goregrind, then look at the Czech 'Gutalax' or Romanian 'Clitgore', or you would like to feel the lust / Raw slamming that shown by Belarus' Extermination Dismemberment 'or Slovakian' Tracriomy '.   Moreover, the mischievous Grindcore that shown by the Scotland  'Party Cannon' or Germany'
 'Rapemachine', making this event extraordinary insane.   

Even, this will be more attractive due to will be belonging by fancy technical riffs which be on display by Italian 'Deceptionist', and nifty groove of death metal that performed by UK 'Scordatura'.  And of course there is still the classic death metal in this event, that presenting Germany death metal 'Obscenity', The Netherlands brutal death metal ' Disavowed ' and Colombian brutal death metal 'Suppuration'.  And this Flesh Party Open Air the 4th edition growing fresh by featuring bands, such as UK Brutal 'Necrosis', Germany Brutal 'Gutfuck' or France brutal death 'Devour the Fetus' and another band.  So mark your calendar, due to Flesh Party Open Air 4 will be held on June 9-11 2017 at the venue in Sered / Camping, Slovakia.

Whilst we wait for Running Order, this event needs you to help in advance to support this event to look at their tickets information.

For purchasing the Tickets in presale you can send an e-mail to
First, 100 Tickets costs 22 euroLast 17 tickets for 22€. Don't miss it!!! all other pre-sale Tickets are for 25 euro. So don't hesitate and order your ticket as soon as possible.

Here are the details about the event, among other, such as the venue as well as the completeness of the event.

EVENT and Accomodation
-3 Days - 31/32 bands
-Camping Free - open from thursday afternoon
-Parking Free - in the camp
-Free Entrance for children up to and Including 12 years of age.
-pool With waterslide
-Merchandise area
-Tents With food: meat / veg
-Beer: 0.5l - 1.20 eur
-Flesh Party TAXI
-Wifi free zone
-Discoshit Musick

address: Stary Most, Sered / Camping, Slovakia
-Distance From Sered:
-Vienna - 130km
-Brno - 190km
-Budapest - 170km
-Bratislava - 60km
-Krakow - 320km
-Košice - 330km

Final lline up confirmed:
- Disavowed (Netherlands)
- Putridity (Italy) 
- Extermination Dismemberment (Belarus) 
- Nuclear Vomit (Poland) 
- Animals Killing People (USA) 
- Obscenity (Germany) 
- Gutalax (Czech Rep.) 
- Anal Fistfuckers (Germany) 
- Clitgore (Romania) 
- Neid (Italy) 
- Bloodtruth (Italy) 
- Grinding jesus Brothers (Slovakia)
- Disfigurement Of Flesh (Russia) 
- Rapemachine (Germany) 
- Felisha (Czech Rep.) 
- Needful Things (Czech Rep.) 
- Deceptionist (Italy)
- Deep Throat (Czech Rep) 
- Pornthegore (Rumania)
- Suppuration (Colombia) 
- Tracriomy (Slovakia) 
- Scordatura (Scotland) 
- Lymphatic Gore Decomposition (Slovakia) 
- Oblivion (Poland) 
- Top discharge (Czech Rep)
- Bacteremia (Colombia) 
- Devour The Fetus (France)
- Killchain (Slovakia)
- Gutfuck (Germany)
- Shampoon Killer (Czech Rep) 
- Necrosis (United Kingdom) 

June 9-11 ,2017 
Sered/Camping - SLOVAKIA

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