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GOATBLOOD', The Forthcoming album on December 24th,2016 , Advance songs revealed

Dunkelheit Produktionen is proud to present the highly anticipated second album of Germany Death Black 'GOATBLOOD' entitled “Veneration of Armageddon”, on December 24th 2016 on CD/Vinyl/Digital.

For the past five years, this chains and bullet bedecked power duo have been polluting the metal underground with their belligerent brand of bestial black/death. A handful of demos as well as a split were vomited forth before GOATBLOOD's momentous debut album, “Adoration of Blasphemy and War”, in 2015. Ever aptly titled, “Adoration of Blasphemy and War” soundly put the band on the international map, and proved that new, gnarly twists can be made to the rigorous bestial metal template. 

Across 18 tracks in duration about 37 minutes, included solo guitars by Goatkommander has a pulsing, pestilent savagery from which there is no reprieve. It's dank and disgusting, dungeon-toned and treacherous, whipping the listener into a hellish, and hallucinogenic trance. “Veneration of Armageddon” retains a rare, and ever-elusive catchiness.  It's simply everything that ingratiated. 

Veneration of Armageddon was recorded in Goch-Pfalzdorf between May - August 2015 at Basement-Prod with Sound engineering by Bone. Whilst, Mixed & Mastered by Din-Tha Aeon in Essen between September - October 2015 at Quintode Studio..  And The artwork was designed by Alan Corpse.

The advance songs titled 'Sexcraving Witchcunt' and 'Last siege of Jerussalem' have been revealed in this location

1. Joseph's Brain (Intro)
2. Shred the Threat
3. Necroromantic Lovers
4. Congregation of Suicidal Ceremony
5. Excretion in a Red Burst
6. Last Siege of Jerusalem 
7. Bum of Bethlehem
8. Goatland Rules Supreme 
9. Mary's Happy Enema
10.Grueling Forces Fisting Jesus
11. Lamb Hymen Virgin Booster
12. Sexcraving Witchcunt 
13. Collapse of Shitbowl Earth
14. Ultimate Meltdown Imminent
15. Satan Fucks the Universe
16. Serpent of Nod
17. Anorexic Goatchick
18. Magda's Blood (Outro)

You can pre-order this album in this location

Drums/Vocals: Reverend Slayer 
Vocals/Guitars/Bass: Satanic Death Vulva 

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