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GOTHOOM OPEN AIR FEST 2017, JULY 20 - 22, 2017/SLOVAKIA : ČAD , CATASTROFY, SAMSARA, and MINOR Confirmed on Gothoom 2017

It is about the time they add several bands that represent their homeland. Started with one of the most favourite bands in Slovak underground today, ČAD. The Band that has been through many great records, full clubs shows, music awards or tour in Brazil. At this moment, their activity is not so fussed, but they will prepare a new album and we will be able to enjoy their uncompromising show with great attitude and freshness that only from them. 




The next line up is CATASTROFY, They rose after release of debut full-length entitled “Zbojnícky Tanec” (Bandit’s Dance).  A totally true thrash metal with a very specific Slovak edge thanks to the bandits’ and anti-social lyrical topics. 



The slow side of the metal genre will be represented by SAMSARA. Strongly atmospheric doom death metal will enable you to be carried away by waves of dark and sad, sometimes melancholic melodies combined with heavy riffs. 



At the meantime, The newest band on their line up will be for MINOR. Originally a studio project focused on metal experimental and progressive forms has been transformed into a “normal” band,  and with this, the main focus changed as well. They are now more of a groove thrash/death metal force that will make the whole audience move as much as it gets.


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