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'GUTTED', Art and Tracklist from forthcoming album revealed + Advance song presented

Hungarian Death Metal, GUTTED, had finished their recordings for long awaited 4th album, "Martyr Creation" .  This fourth full-length will be released by Xtreme Music on December 20th, 2016.

The advance song titled 'Cosmos of Humans' from forthcoming had presented at this location and followed by front cover art of album

Founded in 1996 and in the fall of 1996 they recorded the first demo entitled “Grinding”. In the middle of '97, those songs were made that recorded in May of '98 under the title of “Vilification” and was the band's first studio recording. At the end of that year, started using the name GUTTED.

In 2000, they had recorded a Promo Cd with 4 songs on it. This Promo Cd was sent to labels and a few magazines. Their first album called “Defiled” was recorded in the spring of 2001 and released by the Japanese Eclipse Records in the same year.

In 2004, started to write new material for “ Human Race Deserves To Die” that was released on Nice To Eat You Records on March 2005 in worldwide and followed by the European Tour with Wasteform from New York.

In 2006, shows at the eastern European Tour with Radikalis Amputacio and Korog. and the band closed its all activities and stopped playing in 2007.   However, the members (Gábor, Zsolt, Sándor) couldn't live without this thing and re -activated the band at the same year's end.

Writing new material in 2008 and played live not at all.   There are three new songs had been recorded for promotional purposes only.  Gutted started looking for a label] and signed with Russian extreme metal label Soul Flesh Collector.  In November 2010,  Third album entitled “Mankind Carries The Seeds Of Hell” was released.  

The fourth album 'Martyr Creation' is the undoubtedly of their finest work to date, and displays the most brutal and technical side of GUTTED that will for sure appeal to all good fans of bands like ORIGIN, IMMOLATION, DEEDS OF FLESH, GORGASM, NILE, HATE ETERNAL...

01. Chaos of the Beginning (intro)
02. Cosmos of Humans
03. False Happiness
04. Consuming Life
05. Deeper Than Hell
06. Fades Away
07. Kings of Emptiness
08. Hell Dwells Inside
09. Into Oblivion
10. Atrophied Existence (outro) 

Xtreem Music
edit by Hephaesthus

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