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'HORRID' , The Advance song from the forthcoming album revealed

The authenticity of emotions that never touched, yet revolted in all conditions. Indeed silenced, yet have created a thousand plans to attack. There are many expressions of revolt, assault, and condemned ever felt.   And So many moral words received as well as incitements of abuse, hatred and incessantly to the malicious act.

Twenty-seven years in the fury of old-style death metal, and two years after the release of 'Sacrilegious Fornication', Italian Death Metal 'HORRID' returned to the center of egotistical for the fifth full-length album, entitled 'Beyond The Dark Border' which will be released by the German label 'Dunkelheit Produktionen '.  A song called 'The Black March' is enough to sharpen the blade, is enough to augment the ammunition for the war and is enough to hatred lineament.

'Beyond The Dark Border' will be released on CD, LP and digital. Meanwhile, the album had recorded in the 16th cellar studio, Rome, Italy.   Whilst, the artwork had designed by Iceland artist ' Þorvaldur Guðni Sævarsson'.   The following information will be posted here.

Belfagor(found member)guitar

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