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'INFERNAL ANGELS', The Art and Track List for forthcoming album revealed

Three years awaited.  And Finally, The Fourth full-length album from Italian Black Metal 'INFERNAL ANGELS'  will released on January 20th, 2017. The sucessor of 'Shining Evil Light (2006)','Midwinter Blood (2010)' and 'Pestilentia (2014)' is titled 'Ars Goetia'

They return on My Kingdom Music for this release.  Whilst, 'Ars Goetia'  was claimed The most obscure and intransigent album and Black Death Metal vortex.  And For all fans of Dark Funeral, Belphegor, Mor Dagor, Mgła will consume this.

Recently, guitarist Apsychos is proud to present to you the art and track list for the 'Ars Goetia'

1. Amdusias: The Sound Of Hell
2. Vine: Destroyer Of The World
3. Asmoday: The Impure Archangel
4. Purson: Matter And Spirit
5. Bael: The Fire Devour Their Flesh
6. Paimon: The Secret Of Mind
7. Balam: Under Light And Torment
8. Zagan: The Alchemist
9. Belial: The Deceiver
10. Beleth: Lord Of Chaos And Spirals

'Ars Goetia' also presents the special vocals guests, among them, 'Mancan (Ecnephias)' , 'Lorenzo Sassi (Frostmoon Eclipse)' and 'Snarl (Black Faith)'.

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