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KALTENBACH OPEN AIR 2017, August 24-26 ,Spital Em Semmering - AUSTRIA: RAGNAROK, NECROPHOBIC and MANTAR to the next line up

In summer 2017 the legendary Kaltenbach Open Air, Austria’s most renowned Metal Festival, takes place for the 12th time. Following the event’s tradition, it once again takes place in front of the spectacular backdrop of the Styrian Alps nearby the small village of Spital am Semmering. For three days headbangers from far and wide will set the mood and create a unique atmosphere.

Not only has the outstandingly impressive location highlighted this festival, but also an annual star-studded billing. From August 24th to 26th the ground will be shaken by established heavyweights and ambitious newcomers.


Today, Norwegian Black Metal darkness Ragnarok, Swedish Black Death Necrophobic and Two-pieces Germany Black/Doom/punk Mantar have been confirmed to show on the Kaltenbach 2017.


One of the most extreme Black Metal bands ever is up to conquer our beloved metal mountain. Out of the depths of Norwegian darkness to Kaltenbach Open Air 2017


Formed in 1989, this band steadily continued to strengthen their reputation as one of Sweden's supreme metal bands. Their latest output "Womb of Lilithu" is a strong reminder that these maniacs are still far from leaving the throne of Swedish Blackened Death Metal

Flogging beats and blackened melodies meet feedback orgies and doomy mayhem. This two-piece-monster from Germany is all about sinister sounds of darkness and pure berserker's rage.

More bands and more information will coming

August 24-26, Spital Em Semmering - AUSTRIA

Kaltenbach Open Air 2017
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