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Welcome to The Hard-Lines Extreme Metal Civilization 2009-Now


The 'Monthly Assault' was founded in 2012 by two ambitious guys in Zug, Central Switzerland! The preparations started in autumn 2012. The first concerts were held in spring 2013.

After a small break in autumn 2013, Monthly Assault was back in 2014 with even more power! 8 Shows were held in that year. From Death over Slam to Gore and Grindcore - whatever an extreme metal heart may wish was included!

Since that year Monthly Assault found its roots in the extreme metal scene and established itself as an ever providing and continuos label with smaller and bigger events throughout the year(s).   The typical MA-atmosphere and perpetual innovations keep every show fascinating for every visitor. Convince yourself and visit one or another Monthly Assault!


In this summer (2016), 'Monthly Assault'  presents three events of brutality, among others, the event called 'Slam Night II', that had just held on September 30th, 2016, which featured : Internal Bleeding (US), Incinerated Flesh (Germany), Calcined (Switzerland) , Deforeskination (Germany) and Gangrenomity (Switzerland).

Then, in October 2016, 'Monthly Assault' creates the brutality becomes savagery by organizing the event that named 'Autumn Autopsy II'. This event had just held on October 29, 2016, which features the lines of ferocity brutal of death metal. 

Meanwhile, in This November (2016), the event of 'Brutal Night V' is also increasingly abusive that featured among others,  'Abysmal Torment (Malta), Chordotomy (Germany), Clit Commander (Switzerland), Pestilent reign (Germany). This event will be held on November 19, 2016.

In the near future, precisely in December, the event called 'Santa Slam' will be held.  Of course, there is another cruel at Christmas, because it will show the unrelenting slamming, featuring 'Extermination Dismemberment, Crepitation, Analepsy, Dynamite Abortion, Gutrectomy, Human Vivisection, Deceptionist, and Cordyceps.

And That will come, when get to the winter on January 2017, an event had been conceptualized becomes darker and blasphemous, due to it will featuring 'Defeated Sanity', Putrid Pile, Skinned, Cranial Engorgement, and Primordius in the event called 'Winter Wickedness'.


Now let's look at the line up for 'Brutal Night V'









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