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OBSCENE EXTREME FESTIVAL 2017,July 5-9 Truthnov,Battlefield,CZECH REP: the legendary 'DISCHARGE' And 'DARKNESS' Confirmed

Some of the bands send in a long promos as an Obscene Extreme band info. This band get along with just a simple statement in the form of DISCHARGE.

The fathers of d-beat, one of the fathers of punk with a political message, a band the whole crust / punk world acknowledges and tries to imitate.

Formed in 1977 and still in excellent form! And what is more even sharper and more uncompromising with a new singer! Ladies and gentlemen, let us welcome the veterans of DISCHARGE from England at Obscene Extreme Festival 2017!!!   


Thrash till Death!!! The thrash metal legend of DARKNESS from Germany who wrapped it up in 1993 having recorded two great albums 'Death Squad' and 'Defenders Of Justice' by that time have recently restarted with two original members in the line-up and recorded a new rough thrash metal album titled 'The Gasoline Solution' after more than 25 years since the last one.

The album has just been released (October 2016) and the fans of this band or of the style can keep calm. Nothing new or very turbulent has happened. DARKNESS have still been pounding out sharp and uncompromising thrash metal. They have not softened. You will have the chance to convince yourselves of this fact live at Obscene Extreme Festival 2017!!!

July 5-9 Truthnov,Battlefield,CZECH REP.

OEF 2017
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