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OBSCENE EXTREME FESTIVAL 2017,July 5-9 Truthnov,Battlefield,CZECH REP: SINISTER And CYTOTOXIN Confirmed + Tickets Announced

After confirming the Swedish crust 'Victims' to the line up of OEF 2017, This time, two death metal  have been confirmed.


Their logo still shines in the bible of death metal very brightly and their most iconic album 'Hate' has commenced the second generation. 

Despite the fact the line-up changes as often as the typical Dutch weather, Aad, the crucial root, holds the course of the band tightly in his hands. 

Though the trickels of their sweat have fallen down several times on the boards of OEF , and be assured the guys still have a lot to show! Clear as crystal, sharp as a razor, this is SINISTER!!!   


Turning the world upside down with their 2nd album and Unique Leader could just rub their hands. 

They are back in full strength to our and your great joy after some line-up problems with their typical catchy and refined brutal style and inimitably deviant and solidly wild Grim's growling!

Whether from a CD or live CYTOTOXIN will not let your limbs complete! Infection by properly radioactive, technical and brutal death metal inevitable!!!


Presale tickets OEF 2017 starts, now!!! Tickets (first edition print at home ticket vouchers) and will start to sell on November 11.2016 at 11.11.!!!

Tickets for OBSCENE EXTREME 2017 can be order at this location

You can pay by credit/debit card.

Wednesday 5.7.2017 start 14.00, Thursday 6.7.2017 start 12.00, Friday 7.7.2017 start 10.00,  Saturday 8.7.2017 start 10.00

69 bands from all over the world!!! FREAK fest + special wednesday night + more!!!

Early bird ticket available right now!!! The price is valid for first 500 tickets or latest till January 31, 2017!!!

Ticket including Obscene Extreme 2017 festival CD!!! You´ll get the CD at entrance to festival area!!!

- The ticket is only valid if printed out in full on an A4 or A5 sized paper.  
- We will email you a confirmation email after we receive your payment. This email will contain a link to a *.PDF file(s) with code(s) - 1 code per one ordered and paid ticket - that is necessary to be printed out on a printer and shown at the ticket check-in at the main festival entrance. Please keep that PDF file(s) and code(s) secret and safe (only the first person presenting the code will be allowed in).

The line up so far,
Discharge (England, Crust/Punk)
The Darkness (Germany, Thrash Metal)
Victims (Swedish Crust)
Sinister (Netherlands, Death Metal)
Cytotoxin (Germany, Technical/Brutal Death Metal)

July 5-9 Truthnov,Battlefield,CZECH REP.

OEF 2017
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