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Welcome to The Hard-Lines Extreme Metal Civilization 2009-Now


Obscene Extreme Fest has confirmed the following line up, among others, New York Death Grind 'Animals Killing People', Poland Goregrind 'Dead Infection', Brazilian Thrash 'Violator', and Finish Death Metal 'Purtenance'.


Do you feel like ready for crazy brutal balls to the wall death grind? Do you also remember the iconic clip of ANIMALS KILLING PEOPLE in the yard full of pigs? Have you got it? Animal rights activists heading our way with a new, totally sick album! It has been high time, right? We look forward to our own OEF deviant parody in the red Trutnov mud, in grind we trust!!!


We could slightly alter last year's band info and nobody would probably know but in this case it is not appropriate. So, dear gore/grind maniacs and fans of the Obscene Extreme Festival be informed that Dead Infection are one of the first confirmed bands for 2017! After this year's collapse of the drummer this gore/grind legend from Poland will be 100% ready to cut everything within several tens of meters from the stage at Trutnov Battlefield to pieces! DEAD INFECTION at OEF 2017!!!

Cyjan (Drums) comments:
"We’re happy that we can come again to play at the OEF 2017, and to show our true face. I’d like to apologize our all fans for my indisposition during performance at OEF 2016 caused personal-health problems. We promise to come back twice as strong! Thanx to everybody who believe in us."


Brazilian thrash metal quartet VIOLATOR formed in 2002 belongs to the top acts of the second wave of Brazilian thrash metal influenced by the thrash period of the famous Brazilian act Sepultura amongst others. However, these young boys lead by bass player Pedro kick seriously these old asses!!!

After their  debut album called Chemical Assault, which was released on the European continent by mighty Earache records, the boys played many shows in their home country as well as around the globe with such bands like Destruction and Malevolent Creation and also at the Japanese festival True Thrash fest in Osaca. After several releases such as split albums and EP´s, they released their LP Annihilation Process and also their latest effort Scenarios of Brutality which was recorded, mixed and mastered in the Stage One studio in Germany under the watch of a great producer Andy Classen

VIOLATOR has a very good reputation as an intensive live band, so we can look forward to their extatic, angry and wild thrash rumble drawing on the legacy of the best acts of the turn of the 90`s. VIOLATOR will play just a single exclusive summer show in Europe and it will be at OEF 2017. TOTAL THRASH, VIOLATOR at OEF 2017!!! And they want to see the hell in the moshpit. We`re gonna easily fulfill their wish, right?!!!  


Their debut album 'Member of Immortal Damnation' is actually considered a milestone within the heaviest and most brutal Death Metal releases coming out from that country. 

After 20 years of silence, the band returned in 2012 releasing an EP and two albums getting back the recognition they never lost and despite of having played only one show abroad (Spain 2013), it is now with their new line up, when they’re decided to conquer the old continent and one of the best scenarios to do it is the mighty OEF!! PURTENANCE is definitely carrying the flag of the most honest, classic and heaviest Death Metal the way it was meant to be!!!


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