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Obscene Extreme Metal Festival has returned to announce the addition of new lineup, among others Brazilian Death Metal 'Krisiun', Australian Grindcore 'Dead Root', Germany Grindcore 'Sucking Leech' and California, US Grind 'Fiend'.


A group of three brothers from Brazilian rainforests have been striking the iron uncompromisingly since 28 years. Their passion is death metal, their inspiration is their fans.  To get the most out of themselves is as natural as breathing for them. Trust in them and they will show you a pure Armageddon!!!


Hmmm. Fresh, young and most importantly a very fast grind blood from Australia?, Of course cannot miss that. And together with OEF also those of you who look forward to be there at Obscene Extreme Festival in 2017. 

Their rough and fast production gets penetrated by some sand now and then, though and the gear gets stuck in sludge waters but it is just a pleasant change that does not diminish the overall great impression. The line-up consists of ex-members of such bands like Vicious Circle, Drain Life or Loser Denial. Grind sludge!!!


This grind blast from Germany did not have an easy time throughout their career. Formed in 1998 they disappeared from 2002 to 2012 as if the earth had swallowed them up.  

It was not the kind of a break when the band does not exist or splits up. 2012 does not mean a reincarnation or comeback at all. The reasons for the pause are simpler but the more serious. The ten years of inactivity were caused by a car crash when two members of  SUCKING LEECH spent a long time in a hospital.  

But enough of history for now. Since that time these grinders are back in a great form, released several albums and managed to play an array of gigs with their more well-known mates of Napalm Death, Pungent Stench etc. And in 2017 finally at OEF 2017!!!


Well, they did not succeed to come to OEF 2016 and if this name still does not say anything to you, be informed this squad was formed in 2012 in Fresno, California followed by an array of kick-ass recordings like a split 7“ with Dead Issue, an independent 7“ 'Derailed' and they plan to do splits with Suffering Mind or Endless Demise.

As for the style FIEND play, they are a warmly welcome reinforcement of the line-up for the upcoming Obscene Extreme Festival! Fastcore grind rules!!!  



July 5 - 9 července, 2017
TRUTNOV - Battlefield - Na Bojišti
CZECH republic 

OEF 2017
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