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Recently, Obscene Extreme Metal Festival has announced for the bands addition that confirmed for OEF 2017 , among others Spanish Technical Brutal 'Wormed', Canadian legendary Thrasher 'Razor', Finnish Terrorist Hardcore Trio 'Psykoanallyysi', Hungarian D-Beat 'Blackmail', and Czech Goregrind 'Ahumado Granujo'.


No one can perform that better than just WORMED! You will completely feel dizzy after their set. Their lyrics will transfer you in a space Matrix, so it is better to have a sufficient oxygen supply at hand!

Brutal death full of changes with an unbelievable growling and an awesome show. It will not be simple at all to get WORMED out of your head. That is why … be ready!!!


Following many legendary headliners at OEF we can announce a true cult of the cults, the Canadian thrashers of RAZOR!!! 

Founded in 1983 in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, Razor have always belonged and still belong to the pioneers of speed and thrash metal styles. Everyone knows their legendary records like Executioner´s Song, Evil Invaders or Violent Restitution as those are the underground thrash metal gems. Razor have been around for more than 30 years and still fresh.

They have toured with such big names such as Slayer or Motorhead and though the founding and the only original band member Dave Carlo went through a successful cancer treatment in 2012 the band is still ready to kick your arse and drive you wild at the boards of Obscene Extreme!!!


The band describe themselves as a masked terrorist hardcore trio from Finland producing vitutus (look it up) hardcore and hailing from an unknown, secret place in the middle of Finland. As for their music it is a mix of old Finnish raw punk squads like Kaaos, Riistetyt, Totuus with grind passages.

This means the best for regular visitors as for both dancing and listening. Decidedly, PSYKOANALYYSI will be both a great musical and visual contribution to the upcoming Obscene Extreme Festival in 2017!!!


High quality d-beat / crust is produced also in countries you would not expect that of. BLACKMAIL is a young and promising group of crusters from Budapest whose members have gone through such bands like Human Error or Freedom Is A Lie.

As for music BLACKMAIL have been influenced by Scandinavian käng scene. That is why you can look forward to a sharp combination of Anti-Cimex / Crude SS with a metal touch á la Skitsystem or Wolfbrigade at the upcoming volume of Obscene Extreme Festival 2017. Again we have here a classical crust production for all the fans of loud bands!!!


This, presently, very well-known band was formed in 1999 as nothing but a funny project with a totally crazy mix of gore grind and techno and with obscene live shows. Today they can be considered one of the Czech leaders of gore grind scene. Although still a project they have done countless shows and tours all around the world with a lot of success. Two full-length albums and many split releases under their belt.

It's quite rare to see them live in the last few years because their members are busy with other bands like M.A.C. OF MAD, HEAVING EARTH, KINGKEPORKAK, CULT OF FIRE and others. So we are happy to welcome AHUMADO GRANUJO again on the boards of Obscene Extreme Festival after a long time!!! They will grind you to ashes!!!


July 5 - 9 července, 2017
TRUTNOV - Battlefield - Na Bojišti
CZECH republic 

OEF 2017
edit by Cerberus

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