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'OLD GRAVE FEST VI - 13th-14th October 2017' , Presents 'NECROPHOBIC, KROSSBURST and SARINVOMIT For First Line Up

Romanian Thrash Metal Club is proud to presents The 6th edition of the OLD GRAVE FEST 2017 - the only metal festival in Romania organized by a fan club, for fans, the festival where your money helps for fund to the next edition

ROMANIAN THRASH METAL CLUB is a non-governmental non-profit cultural association founded in 2011, whose main purpose is to promote and support the thrash metal phenomenon in Romania. Also, its aim is to support the directly related genres, namely: heavy metal, death metal, black metal and old school grindcore, in their classical form, as well as mixed genres based on those styles, as long as the features and aesthetics of the parent genre can be found in the new variation.  

The first initiative of this kind in Romania – a metal club with paying members – RTMC aims to support, by all available means and with the help of our members’ experience, any similar initiative, regardless of its style niche. Moreover, RTMC welcomes and is willing to support any initiative within their own niche, as the aim is to develop a consistent and solid scene, where each element, whether it is the audience, the bands or the promoters, should have its rightful place. We believe that the most important part of a healthy scene is the paying audience, and so our undeclared but obvious purpose is to provide events related to every fan’s preferred genre, and not surrogates!To achieve its purpose, RTMC will be directly or indirectly involved in the segment that is the main objective of the association, both by establishing partnerships with promoters interested of this movement, and also by organizing their own events. (Official Romanian Thrash Metal Clubs Homepage)

The 6th edition of the Old Grave Fest will be held on faithful Friday , 13th - 14th October 2017 in Club Fabrica, Bucharest. And Recently, they announced to you the three bands to be the first headliner for the poster of their annual event.

The first headliner is the first time for the band will show here, and the first show on Romanian for representative of an exclusive family of bands that also includes Dissection and Unanimated. A successor of a bloodline returns to the beginnings of heavy metal, with the rare ability with turning melody into an instrument of evil.  Or the herald of the extinction of life on earth - a few of the many things one can say about the Swedish quartet 'Necrophobic'.

Besides Necrophobic, there are still entities from two evils which have crawled upon the OGF VI poster: Krossburst, Italian-Norwegian that boasts of the brand of desperate speed metal and promises to release long awaited debut album soon to follow a demo that made its appearance in Fenriz's charts.

And Sarinvomit, the blackthrash baphopanzers from Turkey, with having the rare ability of combining blasphemy and chemistry.

13 -14th October 2017
Club Fabrica, Bucharest - ROMANIA

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