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'SAILLE', Track list for Forthcoming album 'Gnosis' (March 2017) Revealed

Belgian Epic Black Metal 'Saille' is in the last phase of the recordings, finalizing some parts and editing, before sending all tracks to the mixing and mastering studio.  Recently, they announced the track list of the forthcoming album 'Gnosis' that will be set on March 2017 on Code666 Records.  It contains 9 tracks, with these sonorous titles:

01 Benei ha'Elohim
02 Pandaemonium Gathers
03 Blôt
04 Genesis 11:1-9
05 Before the Crawling Chaos
06 Prometheus
07 Thou, my Maker
08 Magnum Opus
09 1904 Era Vulgaris

Meanwhile, they also announced the shows , among others
Toxic Death MetalParty - Roermond, Netherland (11/11/16)
Catalonia Extreme Winter Fest - Barcelona,Espanyol (28/01/17)

Saille consistently incorporates real classical instruments (e.g. cello, violin, cornet, trumpet, euphonium) into their compositions, as well as strong influences from black metal. Their songs include both black screams and death growls, with every now and then even clean vocals.

Lyrically Saille handles ‘the fearful, the uncanny and the weird’. On earlier releases: Death rites and Forces of Nature. Saille has released three studio albums so far.

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