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'STREAMS OF BLOOD', The Art and Track List for forthcoming album revealed

Germany Black Metal 'Streams Of Blood' will release the third full-length album entitled 'Allgegenwärtig', through Folter Records on February 25th 2016.  Here it is, The art and track list for their upcoming album.

The record release party will be held in Berlin at Nuke Club (ex-K17) with ANGEL COPRSE, THE COMMITTEE and CIRITH GORGOR on February 25th,2016.

STREAMS OF BLOOD was formed by "Thymos" and "Tavor" in 2009.  The Latest full-length Album "Ultimate Destination" was released through "Folter Records". The central theme of this record is the escape from our Inside. The fight against Life and Death.

1. Stella Nova (Collapse) 07:15
2. Corossion 03:39
3. Detox 07:07
4. Open your third eye 05:53
5. Fusion 04:50
6. Man Owes Nature Only Death (Conduct) 03:54
7. Regeneration 06:33
8. Transformation 07:12

Folter Records
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