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It's time for anniversary. In 2017, the Under The Black Sun festival will take place the 20th time. That jubilee will be solemnized from 29th June to 1st July again at Helenenau, in the woods outside Berlin!.   

Under The Black Sun is The first and only one Black Metal Festival, established 1995.

This is the first session of their line up that have been confirmed.  Regarding accomodation, and Transfortation will be posted here soon along with their following line up.  Whilst, the announcement of ticket below.

Early Bird E-Ticket: 50,00 €
Early Bird Hardticket: 50,00 €

Regular E-Ticket: 60,00 €
Regular Hardticket: 60,00 €

Day Ticket: 35,00 €

Early Bird Tickets are limited to 250 pieces. Each of them comes with a free CD of our choice.

Get your Tickets at:


Here the line up for first session confirmed.

THE RUINS OF BEVEREST (Germany, Black Metal/Doom)

For The first time, This German black metal outfit will enter the stage in the woods of Helenenau. The band formed by Alexander von Meilenwald offers one of the deepest and dark soundscapes in the Black/Doom Metal scene. So, for sure, this is a highlight to start with.


KULT (Italy, Black Metal)

Kult was born from the hands of Kacele (Guitars) and Werewolf (Vocals) with the only purpose to play raw old school Black-Metal in 2002. In 2003, The band starts to play live in Italy and Switzerland and record the first and demo "Total Devastation", released by Ewiger Hass Prod. (Fra).  Kult record their debut full-length album called "Winds Of War" in 2006, which released by Debemur Morti (Fra) in early 2007.  And   playing some small tours and big festivals in Eastern-central of Europe.  After some problems of line-up, the band starts to work on some new songs that featured on EP with The Stone (Srb) and in early 2009.

In 2013, Werewolf (Vacals) left the band and replaced by Tumulash, and complete the songwriting of the new album, and then record it in the Beastcave Studio. The latest album "Unleashed From Dismal Light" has been released in October 2013 through the German label 'Folter Records'.

They will return for the Under The Black Sun after excessive performance in UTBS 2014.



A sad and grim spirit which rises from the ashes of life, representing of an unique style mixing Black Metal with Doom, Heavy, Dark Metal and Classical music. An original musical concept born from the spirits of H.Suizid and Lord Lokhraed. NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION presents a music with a tormented and oppressed atmosphere. A music full of sorrow and despair. A soundtrack for a suicide...
For the very first time at UTBS!


INFERNO (Czech Rep. Black Metal)

By unifying elements that make black metal special, INFERNO set out on a tumultuous journey towards their own massive sounding. In 2008 the band signed a deal with Agonia Records and released two full albums since: "Black Devotion" (2009) and "Omniabsence Filled by His Greatness" (2013); the latter one, was nominated to a Czech Grammy Award.  The Under of Black Sun Festival is the very first time for them to perform.



Still witnessing the impact of the Cults latest spell a new chapter was augured. As the predecessor merely opened the archaic portal it was upon time to demystify the blackness awaiting beyond the threshold. As more and more time trickled away - like primordial sapphirine driplets bedewing desiccated tongues - a more sinister aura radiated from the unkown onto the palace empty of God. The portal couldn't be kept open for much longer, thus with keen bedevilment nine necrocosmic visions were manifested. 

Whilst an era comes to an end another era dawns. May these visions be perceived for what they truely are - for upon their arrival night eternally reigns. 


CRYFEMAL (Spain, Black Metal)

Ebola pick up the project from the grave and records the seventh album, called "D6s6nti6rro" and signs a contract with Osmose Productions(Fra). With Bornyhake on drums & Satur as bassist. 

20th Anniversary of playing Necro Mental in 2016. Also playing a concert at the Unholy Satans Abominations(USA).


STREAMS OF BLOOD ( Spain, Black Metal)

"A look in the mirror, a strange shape, who´s that demon that stares on me.
Black shining eyes, bright pale skin, an appaling grin, the faceal expression cold as ice"

STREAMS OF BLOOD was formed by "Thymos" and "Tavor" in the year 2009.
The Latest full-length Album "Ultimate Destination" was released through "Folter Records". The central theme of this record is the escape from our Inside. The fight against Life and Death.

In 2014,  "S.O.B." and "Chant of Blasphemy" created together the Split CD "Infernal Lemontations", which was released in summer through "Folter Records" and was lim. to 300 copys.

Brutal Anti-Human Black Metal from Germany. A new album will be out in early 2017.


HETROERTZEN (Chile/Sweden, Black Metal)

Formed in 1997 by Frater D.  It originated in Puerto Varas, Chile and by 2009 had relocated to Västerås, Sweden. Hetroertzen was initially a solo project until Frater D. decided to make a band of it and so joins guitarist Åskväder the band in September 1999. During their first ten years of existence, a couple of albums were recorded and a handful of gigs were performed in their homeland of Chile. Various line-up changes occurred as well.

In the fall of 2015 Hetroertzen conquered USA for the first time and performed two very exclusive shows in New York and Baltimore along with Ominous Resurrection and their brethren LvxCaelis.

Also in 2015 the band confirmed to do their second European tour in October along with French devotees Malhkebre and Malepeste. The tour was baptised as Exaltation, Revelation, Dereliction tour and reached different cities around France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

During 2016 Hetroertzen has been focusing mostly on the composition of their upcoming album, which is scheduled to be released in early 2017 by veterans Listenable Records.

Under The Black Sun Festival is The First time to Their Performance

MONARQUE (Canada , Black Metal)

After their successful show in 2011, it´s time for Monarque to return to the stage at UTBS.

Monarque is formed as a one man band in 2003 in Quebec , Canada , at the initiative of the monarch who takes pseudonym the name of his project. Regarding project creator says have "favorites isolate to work on his own songs, solo, so total freedom, and no conflicts . 

"Two session musicians , and Atheos Bardunor come later join Monarch during shows.

In 2016, the band announced its return to the stage after five years of absence 


MAKE A CHANGE ... KILL YOUR SELF (Denmark, Black Metal)

Make a Change… Kill Yourself is a depressive black metal project started in 2004 by a Danish musician known as Ynleborgaz. He's also known to have been involved into several other projects and bands including Angantyr, Profezia, Tågefolket, Zahrim, Vardlokkur (live only), Holmgang, and Illuminous.


GENOCIDE SHRINES (Srilanka, Black/Death Metal)

Policy, bureaucracy and idiots of travel agencies have made it impossible for them to come to Europe last year.

This time, they will perform on UBTS!


ANGANTYR (Denmark, Black Metal)

ANGANTYR started as a synth/ambient project in 1997. It quickly developed into a raw blackmetal band, and in 1998 the first demotape "Endeløs" was recorded.  The debut full-length "Kampen Fortsætter" was recorded in the year 2000.  The sound has improved, and the first song ever recorded "Stilhedens Larm" is included,  Along with a re-recording of "Da frostvind blæste" from the first demo.

After confirmed MAKE A CHANGE KILL YOURSELF as the line up. ANGANTYR would also fit for their anniversary edition.


PANYCHIDA (Czech Rep. Pagan Black Metal)

PANYCHIDA is a black/pagan metal band from the Czech Republic. One of the well established bands of the genre. In 2016, the fourth album "Haereticalia" is released on Cursed Records. In previous years the band cooperated with german Folter records as well. The band toured round Europe several times and also played a successful tour over the ocean in Mexico. The music is a melodic mixture of black, death and heavy metal with some touches of traditional czech music.

The 4th album is getting released in May 2016 on Cursed Records. The album is different to the other previous ones, but so far well appreciated by audience and journalists. The band still keeps it's typical compositions and melodies, but still bringing something extra and new. In February 2016 Panychida went a small European tour with ANGANTYR and SVARTA and in April/May 2016 the band also successfully went a tour round Mexico with INFERNO and ARMADA bands, it was the first trip out of Europe. 

Coming back to this unique event after 10 years, 3 full length albums and many gigs all around Europe


Funeral Winds was born in 1991 to spread terror among the living, to vomit in the face of god, to live the Black Metal Cult.   Inspired by the old bands Venom, Hellhammer, Bathory, Sodom and Mayhem and the never ending dedication to Satan.

In 2013, Funeral Winds performs live rituals in the Netherlands at Ceremony of the Black Serpents (with Grift and Infestis) and Veneration of the Dead festival (with Hekel, Ancient Rites, Svartidaudi, Verbum Verus, etc) Belgium’s Thronefest (with Marduk, Destroyer 666, Carpathian Forest, Ofermod, Funeral Goat, etc) and the German Under The Black Sun Festival (with Arkona, Horna, VON, Sigh, Melechesh, etc).

Hellchrist Xul records four new tracks released in 2015 as a split CD with Polish Deus Mortem. Drums are handled by MZI of the German band. Kvltist.December 2014, Funeral Winds starts to rehearse with two new members, Ishkur Xul on Drums and Ninnghizhidda Xul on Bass.

With a new album coming soon. Funeral Winds shall return to the 'Under The Black Sun' Festival in 2017


ENGULFED (Istanbul,Turkey, OldSchool Death Metal)

ENGULFED, the notorious Death Metal quartet known for their putrid smelling 2012 EP, "Through The Eternal Damnation" are back with their first full-length "Engulfed in Obscurity". Containing members from other honourable Turkish Metal desecrators such as DECAYING PURITY, BURIAL INVOCATION and DIABOLIZER, this manifestation of infernal perversions and glorification of death itself will be unleashed in Feb. 2017 by Hellthrasher Productions on CD format, followed by vinyl version to be released by Blood Harvest Records in April/May 2017.

In the past years have spotted several great bands from Turkey and wanted to give them a stage. After SARINVOMIT at UTBS 2016, UBTS have another fantastic act for 2017! Engulfed, fucking Old School Death Metal , don't miss!


Founded in 1996, this beast has been keeping the Black Metal flame alive in Germany for over a decade. In the history of UTBS, they've played some
memorable gigs and their newest record is one of the best in the Underground, you should definitely check it out. 

UTBS are very proud to have one of the greatest underground grandeurs back on  stage


More bands will be confirmed soon,

2 Days + Warm up on Thursday
2 Stages with 25 Bands
Helenenau, in the woods outside Berlin

Triple Six Concerts
Rudolf Schwarz Str. 26a 
10407 Berlin 

+49 (0) 30 / 63967700


UTBS 2017
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