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'WORSTENEMY' , Starts recording their upcoming album

Italian Death Metal 'WORSTENEMY' will start recording their new album at Mathlab Studio with producer Jonny Mazzeo on November the 27th.  The record will be mixed by Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy) in Montreal (Canada)

To describe this moment, the band has released a video to talking about the work behind the new album and introducing 2 new members in the line-up :Simone "Arconda" Piras on drums and Luigi Cara on bass, and can be seen at this location.

Active since 1997, and born from the ashes of Karnak in Oristano city (Sardinia). In 1998 the band leaves the thrash cover repertory and career into a new dimension of Death Metal, Florida style. WORSTENEMY kick off their live shows playing some of the most prestigious venues in Sardinia. And the band draw the attention of fans and of metal music industry thanks to the great blasting impact and true attitude. 

In November 2000, the band recorded their 1st self titled (and self-produced) demo at Ziggurath in Porto Torres. The demo contains 4 tracks: Strange Life, Karnak (Darkness In Me), Perverse Mind, New Enemy. Through this demo, WORSTENEMY became a well known name in the Sardinia metal scene. 

After a relentless live schedule and  the distribution of the 1st demo, in 2003 the band start recording 2 new tracks ("Spectrum" and "Master Of Souls") at Ziggurath studios,  and followed by another track "Dissolved In Nothing" which was recorded in their own rehearsal room by Marco Marini (ex Doggo). In the 2005 the band release "Cursed EP"; it's a split vinyl with Mind Snare (veteran death metal band) released by Sardinian label Rapture Asylum Productions

In 2007/2008 the band play many live shows and even find then time to record 6 new killing tracks at Marco Marini's studio in Sassari for the new debut CD "Under Ashes Of Wicked" ( released by Rapture Asylum Productions). Once the new record is out and hopefully drawing in more fan's of WORSTENEMY, the band started to self promote their material hoping to find a record company. In 2013 they sign with Wormholedeath Records and release their debut album "Revelation".

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