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'BIG END BOLT', The new single 'Painted in Cuts' from Forthcoming album presented

Russian Brutal death metal , 'Big End Bolt' will release their long awaited album entitled 'Killstruments & Deathods'.   A few days ago, they present new single titled 'Painted in Cuts' through Slam Worldwide official Youtube. You can listen it at this location

Killstruments & Deathods will be released in the end of december 2016 (December 30th) on Rising Nemesis Records.  While, The art of this forthcoming album was designed by Eliran Kantor.

Killstruments & Deathods tells about an alternative future when mankind made a decision to return to the old methods of capital punishment but with usage of robotic mechanisms. The pain impulse of a victim can be transformed to electric charge and give the light of the future to the rest of people. That’s scary conveyor which cannot be stopped and which will punish everyone who tries to break the system. The lyrics concept and music became more dismal and technical, yet still with a lot of sick grooves and catchy vocals.

1. The Last Day Before... (Intro)  
2. To the Ash  
3. Painted in Cuts  
4. Gibbet Act  
5. Reversource (Interlude)  
6. Self-Breaking Wheel  
7. Iron Blood Eagle  
8. Garrotte Unit  
9. Agonyfication  
10. Cyber Injection (Outro)  
11. Mechanically Castrated (Broken Hope 'Chemically Castrated' cover) 

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