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'BLOODBEAT', Presents The New Official Video 'Trapped In Concrete'

'Murderous Art' is Debut full-length from Germany Aggresive Death Metal 'Bloodbeat'.  The album was released independently on August 2016.  

A few days ago, The new official music video titled 'Trapped in Concrete' was presented.  You can listen to this rawness on this location

It's my impression when heard the all songs of this debut continously.
''There is inside of my brain for this classic, There is inside of my blood for this rawness and There is inside of my bones for this supremacy.''

The band is still looking for label, yet this debut album can be ordered in these location

'Murderous Art' was recorded at EXX Studios,Berlin by Kinskinoize , except drums that was recorded at Soundpole Studio Berlin.  While, The cover art work was crafted by  Polish artist 'Zdzisław Beksiński'.

1. Art
2. Into Death
3. Parasite
4. Deadly Road
5. Trapped in Concrete
6. The Nameless Madman
7. Medical Skull  
8. Nightmare Scenarios
9. Worst Instant  
10. Infected  
11. Reborn into Demise 
12. Murderous Art  
13. Demonic

written / edit by cerberus

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