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'CEREBRAL EXTINCTION', The Art and Tracklist From The Second Full-Length album revealed

Italian Brutal Death Metal 'Cerebral Extinction' had revealed some details of their forthcoming album entitled 'Necro Parasite Anomaly'.  

This Second Full-Length album will featuring of two guest , among them, Riccardo Fanara (Sunpocrisy) on drums and Riccardo Rogari (Bloodtruth) on Bass.  Meanwhile, 'Necro Parasite Anomaly' will be released on Japan label 'Amputated Vein Records' in the summer 2017.  

'Necro Parasite Anomaly' will increased the dose of brutality and technical rate.  And Now, while waiting for the latest news from them, let's see their attitude on the demo 2016 that was released on April 8, 2016 at this location.

1 - Induced Transition
2 - Logic and Conspiracy
3 - Man of Mud
4 - Nemesis : The City of Madness Part I
5 - Collision Identity
6 - Nemesis : The City of Madness Part II
7 - Obscure Portal
8 - Anomaly Necro Parasite
9 - Face to Face
10 - The end of all Worlds

Cerebral Extinction
edit by Hephaesthus

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