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'DAEMONIAC' , Another New Song 'Regurgitated From Hell' from the forthcoming debut full-length presented

Italian death metal, 'Daemoniac' has finished the recording of their debut full length album entitled 'Spawn of the Fallen' and ready to unleashed on the first date of 2017 (January 1st).   

After a few days ago presenting a song called 'Procreation Of Hatred', this time, they presented another new song titled 'Regurgitated From Hell', which also can be heard at this location

Spawn of the Fallen is the continuation of their debut EP "Lord of Immolation" that had been released on May 2015, and again, it was recorded in Sweden at Sunlight Studios with Tomas Skogsberg.

Formed in 2013 by ex-HORRID bass player, Daemoniac follows one hundred percent pure of old school swedish Death Metal sound, yet in dark, brutal and heavy way than the usual bands today. Inspired by bands like Nihilist, Crematory (swe), Macrodex, early Necrophobic, or CarnageDaemoniac is ready to destroy,massive and powersound guitars.

Tracklist for "Spawn of the Fallen" is as follows:

1. Intro/Macabre Eucharist
2. Regurgitated From Hell
3. From Depths of Hideous Chasms
4. Spawn of the Fallen
5. Intro/Procreation of Hatred
6. Cursed Hecatomb
7. Upon Golgotha
8. Cremation (Macrodex cover)

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