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DEKREPITATION, Signs to Permeated Records for upcoming EP 'Fragmented Perception' + Promo song presented

Germany DeathGrind 'Dekrepitation' has announced that they are signing to the Permeated Records for release the upcoming EP entitled 'Fragmented Perception'.  Regarding the release date, it will announced soon.

The Label states 
''We are proud to welcome Dekrepitation to the Permeated family. Coming from the sick German underground scene, these guys will rape your ears with guttural vokills, techy riffs and tight drumming!''

Whilst Band comments ' We're extremely happy to announce that we got signed to one of the best underground Death Metal labels around, PERMEATED Records!!
So after more than a year in the making our debut EP Fragmented Perception will finally be released soon and we're stoked to be on a label that we already cherished in our early demo days along with some of our favourite bands!'

At the meantime, the promo song from this EP titled 'Pierced' has been presented in this location

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