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GOTHOOM OPEN AIR FEST 2017, JULY 20 - 22, 2017/SLOVAKIA : ROOT, WOLFHEART and PANYCHIDA as the next line up 2017

They cannot leave out the opportunity to bring you some presents in form of a new line-up upgrade. The following revealed the next line up of Gothoom Open Air Festival 2017.  Let's see.

But wait, the first time would be better to watch The Gothoom Open Air Fesrtival 2016 Aftermovie here.


ROOT  (Czech - Black Metal)

They start with a legendary band. A band that is mentioned by many world-class bands as one of the important influences, a band that will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2017, a band that comes from our neighbours of Czech Republic. It cannot be anyone else that mighty ROOT

Under the lead of charismatic frontman Big Boss, the band returned to its Kärgeräs story and they prove that regardless of the number of records under their belts they are able to bring interesting and impressive material. The strong atmosphere of their live performances doesn’t even have to be reminded. 


WOLFHEART (Finland - Melodic Death Black)

A voyage to cold Nordic battlefields will be provided by Finnish WOLFHEART. Their melodic death metal is massive, heavy and many times as majestic as a look at a wolf in a snow-covered country. The band does not miss moments reminding us their homeland as well as contrast between melancholy and uncompromising death metal. Strong melodies and a wall of sound will cover the grounds of our festival with a sure impact. 


PANYCHIDA (Czech - Pagan Black Metal)

PANYCHIDA released their fourth record and start to become a stable name on their scene. Their mixture of black metal with pagan elements and more traditional melodic metal is more than attractive and we can look forward to experiencing its power on stage. 


JULY 20-22,2017

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