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'INFERNAL ANGELS', The New Official video from forthcoming album 'Ars Goetia' revealed

Three years awaited.  And Finally, The Fourth full-length album from Italian Black Metal 'INFERNAL ANGELS'  will released on January 20th, 2017. The sucessor of 'Shining Evil Light (2006)','Midwinter Blood (2010)' and 'Pestilentia (2014)' is titled 'Ars Goetia'.

They had just present the new official video titled 'Belial: The Deceiver'.   This video was written and directed by Andrea Mandozzi and Apsychos

Watch in this location.

This song is a black monolith where glimpses of pure aggression are blended in parts with sudden melodic grafts and a strong Scandinavian component.

Ars Goetia will be released through My Kingdom Music on CD and digital format. and can be pre-order in this location:

'Ars Goetia' also presents the special vocals guests, among them, 'Mancan (Ecnephias)' , 'Lorenzo Sassi (Frostmoon Eclipse)' and 'Snarl (Black Faith)'.

Infernal Angels
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