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KALTENBACH OPEN AIR 2017, August 24-26 ,Spital Em Semmering - AUSTRIA: HORNA, OMNIUM GATHERUM, HATE, ROTTEN SOUND, DESTROYER 666, and VADER completed the line up 2017 + Pre Sales Start on January 1st,2017.

In summer 2017 the legendary Kaltenbach Open Air, Austria’s most renowned Metal Festival, takes place for the 12th time. Following the event’s tradition, it once again takes place in front of the spectacular backdrop of the Styrian Alps nearby the small village of Spital am Semmering. For three days, headbangers from far and wide will set the mood and create a unique atmosphere.

Not only has the outstandingly impressive location highlighted this festival, but also an annual star-studded billing. From August 24th to 26th the ground will be shaken by established heavyweights and ambitious newcomers.


A few days ago, they completed their line up 2017 with announced The Finnish black metal 'Horna', Finnish Melodic Death 'Omnium Gatherum', Poland Death Metal 'Hate', Finnish Grindcore 'Rotten Sound' , Australia Black Thrash Metal 'Destroyer 666' and Poland Death Metal 'Vader' .

Meanwhile, they also announced that the Pre-Sales of tickets will start on January 1st, 2017.  More news will be following here soon.

Below is The final line up of Kaltenbach Open Air 2017.  Let's see.

HORNA (Finland - Black Metal)

This Finnish Black Metal legion was founded in the year of 1993 under the sign of a diabolic union. Despite several line-up changes their devotion to the occult remained the same. They will cast their spell over Kaltenbach Open Air 2017


OMNIUM GATHERUM (Finland - Melodic Death Metal)
Hailing from Finland since 1996, this band plays fierce death metal combined with breathtaking melodies and progressive elements. A band that truly walks its own path which has led them to KOA 2017


HATE (Poland - Death Metal)

Established in 1990 in Warsaw, their style has always been elaborate death metal with diabolic lyrics about apocalyptic themes, spiritual mysticism and distinct anti-god attitude. Now they will spread the essence of extreme and unholy metal over KOA 2017


ROTTEN SOUND (Finland - Grindcore)

More than 20 years of Grindcore and chaos. Since 1993 these finnish sickos are wrecking around the globe and they have definitely not finished yet. The grind is on at KOA 2017


DESTROYER 666 (Australia/London,UK - Black Thrash Metal)

In 1994, these Black n' Thrash masters set out to take the world by storm from Melbourne, Australia. Meanwhile they have relocated to England and are ready to come over KOA 2017. The wolves have been unchained: Destroyer 666


VADER (Poland - Death Metal)

Headbangers worldwide worship them because of releasing milestones like "De Profundis", "Litany" or "Necropolis". They truely are one of the most valued icons of current Death Metal scene and their latest output "The Empire" has strengthened this reputation impressively. No less than these Polish Death Metal legends are out to conquer KOA 2017


The Complete Line Up of KALTENBACH OPEN AIR 2017

VADER - Death Metal, Poland

CRYPTOPSY - Technical Death Metal, Canada

DESTRÖYER 666 - Black n' Thrash Metal, Australia

RAGNAROK - Black Metal, Norway

NECROPHOBIC - Blackened Death Metal, Sweden

HORNA - Black Metal, Finland


ROTTEN SOUND - Grindcore, Finland
HATE - Death Metal, Poland

OMNIUM GATHERUM - Melodic Death Metal, Finland

SKALMÖLD - Viking Metal, Iceland

BENIGHTED - Death Grind, France

MANTAR - Doomed Black Metal, Germany

VOLTUMNA - Blackened Death Metal, Italy

INFEST - Death Metal, Serbia

5 STABBED 4 CORPSES - Grind Core, Germany

VINEGAR HILL - Modern Melodic Death Metal, Austria

PAIN IS - Pain Core/Groove Metal, Austria

CROSSING EDGE - Modern Melodic Metal, Austria

ANTHEM - Death Metal, Poland

CONTAMINANT - Melodic Death Metal, Germany

BLOODPHEMY - Death Metal, Netherlands

DEJA VU - Heavy Metal/Power, Germany

SVARTA - Black Metal, Austria

PROLL GUNS - Western Thrash n' Roll, Austria

MADOG - Heavy Metal/Power, Austria

SENNTUS - Dark Metal, Austria

RANZ - Heavy Metal, Austria

DISMAL LUMENTIS - Progressive Death Thrash, Austria

LOST VITAL SPARK - Modern Death Metal, Austria

NOCTURNE - Black Metal, Austria

CAMP CHAOS - Groove Metal, Austria

NEMESIS MY ENEMY - Death Metal, Austria

ADAMON - Melodic Death Metal, Austria

JUSTICE LOST - Thrash Metal, Austria

CATASTROFEAR - Death Metal, Austria


August 24-26, Spital Em Semmering - AUSTRIA

Kaltenbach Open Air 2017
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