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'OBSCENE EXTREME FESTIVAL 2017,July 5-9 Truthnov,Battlefield - CZECH REP' :MEAT SPREADER, SUPPURATION, SECTESY, FULL OF HELL, and ANARCHUS Confirmed + The First Flyer published.

The following line up for Obscene Extreme Festival 2017 that had been confirmed , among others, Goregrind 'Meat Spreader', Brutal Death Metal 'Suppuration', Death metal 'Sectesy', Death Grind 'Full Of Hell', and Grindcore 'Anarchus'.  More bands will be posted here.  Now, the first flyer of Obscene Extreme Festival 2017 had been published.


Many of you have surely asked for many years what the famous ex-singer of Dead Infection, Jaro does. Now, OEF 2017 can answer that he has been planning and realizing another gore grind act named MEAT SPREADER!!! Of course as always with his inextricable long-time mate Tocha. They called the most competent grinders such as Artur from Squash Bowels (R.I.P) and Radek from The Dead Goats/Bialystok.

These veterans of extreme scene will deliver gore grind of the best tradition and highest quality right on the OEF stage. The gentlemen have just released their first effort in MCD format called 'Excessive Consumption of Human Flesh' on Japanese Obliteration Records and they will for sure introduce it to us at OEF. Be ready for a slaughter, MEAT SPREADER!!!


The Colombian freaks of SUPPURATION who like to munch on Christians in their spare time will come to show you their dissecting brutal death gore grind!.  Musical bestialities full of their melodics will be calling your mortal apparels to dance and you can believe me, it does not pay to refuse…. Recommended by five out of four pathologists!!!


The lovers of zombies and good beer, old school death metal of SECTESY from Kolín, CZ coming to spread musical leprosy and providing all this genre's old school can offer.

Their strong melodies, ferocity, catchy and true music will for sure convince you. Just keep sufficient distance from nearby cemeteries. You never know…


Chaotic, filthy and brutal!! FULL OF HELL have the potential to smash you to pieces totally with their live show. They still can be considered a fairly young band that has however managed a lot since their formation in 2009. It is not by chance that these guys have signed under A389 Recordings. This label has a good nose for talented bands.

Hardcore/grind massacre in the vein of Nails, All Pigs Must Die or Dead In The Dirt. FULL OF HELL will blow your brains out of your skull at Obscene Extreme Festival 2017!!!


This year, the European tour did not work out due to tragic reasons for these Mexican grinderos. So another chance opens to them at the next volume of Obscene Extreme Festival 2017.  ANARCHUS are a star of grindcore scene in South America.

Founded as long ago as in 1987 and still unexhaustibly tormenting the underground stages with their energetic grindcore pieces. It is not the first contact with OEF for these blokes however. They played at the Mexican version of Obscene Extreme Festival in 2013 meaning they know how to get ready for the insane fans in Trutnov!!!


July 5 - 9 července, 2017
TRUTNOV - Battlefield - Na Bojišti
CZECH republic 

OEF 2017
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