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'OBSCENE EXTREME FESTIVAL 2017,July 5-9 Truthnov,Battlefield - CZECH REP' : S.D.I, EVIL INVADERS on OEF SPEED MANIA FEST 2017 + More Bands Announced

After the Wednesday's OEF programs such as Doom or Noisecore fests, Italian Hardcore Night or Wrestling Mania, they would like to introduce you the OEF SPEED MANIA FEST 2017 for old school maniacs and all of you who love superluminal speed of guitars, strength of drums and at the maximum agressive high pitch vocals. 

The music we all started with, Speed and Thrash metal performed by the German legend of S.D.I. and the Belgian youngsters of EVIL INVADERS will keep banging your heads and we are expecting you to make a total megamosh in the OEF moshpit!!!

Of course, it will not be just about these two bands. They are still looking for the headliner of the OEF SPEED MANIA FEST 2017 and everything looks like we gonna announce the name in a few weeks!!!


Anyone not to know them? …S.D.I. from Osnabrück, Germany are the European legends of speed metal.  Famous pieces like 'Sign of the Wicked', 'Mistreated' or their megahit 'Megamosh' are there on the necks of their guitars and they will come to slaughter you as one of the bands for the Wednesday's OEF SPEED MANIA FEST program.

The band existing since 1986 has gone through ups and downs, but their comeback in 2014 is still there and shows the band in full strength and it is obvious these 50 year old chaps still like what they are doing. They will prove it and show you this fire on the OEF stage!!! Be prepared for S.D.I.!!! MEGAFUCKINGMOSH!!!



The Wednesday's OEF SPEED MANIA fest will introduce you the new blood, EVIL INVADERS from Belgium. Although very young yet very ferocious band estabilished in 2013, many shows and tours almost all over the whole world or signed under well-known Napalm Records. Their debut album called 'Pulses of Pleasure' released in 2015 made it also into the Belgian charts staying there for several weeks as the first speed/thrash metal band from Belgium.

EVIL INVADERS are youngsters, but they will put us back into the time when metal was THE METAL. Bloody great live band, full of energy and aggression, this is EVIL INVADERS!!!


And of course, more bands for OEF 2017 are also announced.  See below.


You may know the name of this band or you can find their name as one of the most used references of the Swedish hardcore scene in case you want to describe new and unknown bands. The authors of the band infos (us being no exception) help themselves by the usage of a dry comparison as …it sounds like the old good … attention now ….CRUDE S.S.! 

Yes, exactly like that. This Swedish punk/crust legend will perform live at the approaching volume of Obscene Extreme Festival 2017! Formed 1979, the last concert before their reunion being in 1987.

The restart took place in an almost original line-up in 2015. If anybody do not know their iconic single/recording „Who´ll Survive“, those should put it right quickly! The founding stone of filthy hardcore / punk alongside of such bands like Discharge, Anti-Cimex or Mob 47! Crude S.S.!!!



HAGGUS are a young gore / grind band from Oakland (USA) who openly acknowledge the legacy and the influence by the legendary Agathocles and the Canadian mince core heros of Archagathus. During their short existence (since  2014) they have managed to put out and recored around twenty releases so as for the frequency of releasing everything is alright.

And playing live? You will have the chance to experience them at the upcoming volume of Obscene Extreme Festival 2017!!!



Though it may not seem so this band has travelled almost the whole world criss-cross with their grind core noise vehicle since their formation. Well, not almost… Wojczech did travel the whole world. Since their start in 1995 they were actually on a non-stop tour until 2005. 

They have recorded and released an array of split 7“ and split cassettes in that time and as late as in 2005 they were finally rewarded by a debut album 'Sedimente'. 

They have dropped travelling the world a bit since but concentrated on recording all the more. No doubt this was the correct tactics. So you will have the possibility to listen live to high quality load of fierce grind core at Obscene Extreme Festival 2017! WOJCZECH!!!



They will perform with a new line-up on December 10th in Brno and tear your ear drums apart only for the second time in the history in Trutnov at the upcoming volume of the OEF 2017

It has been long 15 years since their first show in Trutnov! In the meantime a brand new generation of listeners this band can address with their show have grown up! So, everybody be there in July in front of the stage!!!  



When a band is hibernating it does not necessarily mean the album being prepared must be an explicit shit. The massacre from Colombia called BACTEREMIA is coming to slaughter you and show what a good stuff they have cooked for the new release.

As the growler Sebastián Guarín (ex PURULENT, AMPUTATED GENITALS ...) takes care of the cesspool vapours for sure there will be a lot of entertainment. No surprise Permeated Records will not let them leave their stable. The fans of brutal death metal have a lot to look for at the next volume of OEF!!!



VISCERA TRAIL, brutal death metal band from Israel, which guarantees a certain dose of exoticness. And we have to say they know to deliver. They describe themselves as the sickest band to ever emerge from the Holy Land to deliver the brutal death metal message to the local scene. However, with no evil faces, but on the contrary with sense of humour and hyperbole.

Established in 2002 by guitarist and singer Tomer 'Gomez' Hasenfratz, VISCERA TRAIL has released a demo tape, two full-length albums and an EP. Experienced by many European festivals and several tours in exotic destinations like Nepal etc. we will be glad to welcome them at the OEF 2017!!!



Of course there will be place for Brazilian bands in the line-up for 2017. What would Obscene Extreme Festival be without this unique unrestrained underground scene? The chance to show their energetic grind with punk explosions will be given to TERROR REVOLUCIONÁRIO

This Brazilian squad has been founded already in 1999. We can obviously look forward to a show full of energy. Fans of Ratos De Porao, Forca Macabra, Rot or Besthoven will for sure be satisfied!!! 



The Finnish grindcore veterans INFERIA will be back at the OEF's stage after many years. Established as early as in 1989 and still loyal to their grindcore roots such as early Napalm Death mixed with a huge dose of extreme hardcore and death metal. 

So far their latest album 'Fistament' released to celebrate the band´s 25th anniversary is killing totally by its sound and intensity. Live they fucking punch, experienced by hundreds of shows all around the globe. And back at OEF 2017!!! They will grind you down!!!



None of you would tell this crazy group celebrated their 20th anniversary this year, wouldn't you? But it is the truth. Formed in Teplice in 1996! Another interesting detail is their regular debut album was released this year only. After 20 years! Personnel changes have not so far allowed for the band to complete something complex. 

You as the visitors of the upcoming Obscene Extreme Festival will have to admit it was a pitty as the fest is the place where this spa commando is heading to make you happy with their noisy and varied extreme hardcore/grind production. Let us welcome NOT on the board! Teplice rules!!!



This bizarre trio from Italy called SHITFUCKINGSHIT presents really an insane mixture of the most extreme musical styles like grind core, gore death and Italian 80´s hardcore. It started just as a one man noise core project and in the course of time it evolved into a trio of maniacs who fucking bomb it.

So be prepared…these three Italian shit – heads will deliver a really brutal portion of musical violence to OEF!!!



An absolute BLAST!!! All of us know of course the metal legend, Danny Lilker, and all his bands and projects. He has graced Trutnov Battlefield with his presence a few times but this year it will for certain be very much special. 

Danny got together with great mates from General Surgery, Adde and Jocke and the singer Kenneth and the band STORMTROOPERS OF BEER or S.O.B. has seen the light of day.

As you may guess correctly it is about a cover of the legendary S.O.D. with an original member in the line-up!!! This year their essential album 'Speak English or Die' has its unbeliavable 30th anniversary and this will be their SOLE show in Europe in 2017. And so it´s quite possible the first riff of the 'March of the S.O.D' will make the Battlefield in Trutnov collapse!!!



Here They have another comeback in the grindcore family. The Polish band PSYCHONEUROSIS that had a very active period between 1991 and 2001 when they played many shows and did even more recordings disbanded due to their professional responsibilities.

No one has ever thought the boys would get together again, but the messages are clear. They are back again in 2016. One of the oldest Polish grindcore names and we are happy to invite them to the OEF 2017`s stage!!!


July 5 - 9 července, 2017
TRUTNOV - Battlefield - Na Bojišti
CZECH republic 

OEF 2017
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