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'SALVATION DENIED', The Advance songs from Forthcoming debut full-length revealed

Definitely, I am wrong if mention this was a technical death.   It would be wrong too, if I mention this was the brutal death and would be wrong too, if mention this was a progressive death metal.  Oops, maybe I'm too wrong if mention this was the Black Death.  So,  I assume it was the heathen death metal.  Death metal that completely lawless, death metal that was seeking its own path - Unusual death metal, and death metal that violates the norms. You should listen to it my friends, due to this was an emotional exploration and has ample of definitions.  And of course, death metal that has more than enough of conditions.

A few days ago, I have been exploring the Bandcamp and found a death metal band from New York named 'Salvation Denied'. I thumbs-up for the quality of their music. And Apparently, when  listened to two songs that were published entitled 'Apollyon', and 'Fathers of Storm' , it crossed my mind that, they have stunning progressive death metal exploration. But, Wait, I did not find the main line of progressive death in their music. 

All variations of death metal elements such as Technical, Progressive Death, Death grind or black death had stood alone, not fused as a progressive or technical character as usual.  It was complicated to predict the tempo that has offered ,due to they have the power and flexibility of their own disharmony. I challenged to listen to their music. Something refreshing the ears, something strange in the ears did I expect now. And moreover, it's raw, and I assume this was a result of the exploration of honesty that had not adhered to the tastes or trends, and I Understand, this is not a result of the creation of a sensation.

The Debut album from New York Death Metal 'Salvation Denied' entitled 'Devour The Earth' will be released on December 23,2017.  Devour The Earth was recorded, mixed and mastered  by Tom Case in Glens Falls, New York.  While, the artwork was designed by Matthew Mrowka.  You can also pre-order the abum in this location

1.  Apollyon 
3.  Father Of Storms 
4.  Lions Amongst Men
5.  Masters Of Crucifixion
6.  Spawning Death
7.  The Duty To Survive
8.  The Misanthropist
9.  Voice Of Flames
10. Ashes To Angels

written by Cerberus
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