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'TORTUROUS INCEPTION', Signs to Amputated Vein Records and release date of a compilation from previous two EPs announced

New York Brutal Death Metal, 'Torturous Inception' has signing to Japanese Label 'Amputated Vein Records' and has announced a compilation album that included from their previous two EPs, entitled 'Headfirst into Oblivion (2015)' and 'Void (2016)'.  

'Headfirst into the Void' is the Title of this compilation and be re-released on April 7th,2017 through Amputated Vein Records.  This compilation will include all artwork featured on both EPs, and a choice between 3 different album covers.  They have limited copies of this both original EPs (less than 10 of Void!!), so if anyone needs to complete their collection, head over to their merch store on

If you missed their latest EP , this is 'Imminent Obliteration' from 2016 'Void' Ep.

Meanwhile, regarding the signing to Amputated Vein Records, the band states:
''We're extremely happy to announce we've signed with Amputated Vein Records! For the past 15 years, Amputated Vein has been delivering quality death metal from all over the world, and we're proud to contribute to their legacy of brutality!'' 

The tracks of Headfirst into the Void
1. Gored by Horns of Judgment 03:29  
2. Ascending Convergence 03:34  
3. The Last Infected 04:46  
4. Dead at Last 03:20  
5. Strategic Dismemberment 03:57  
6. Transmigration Within the Foul 04:30  
7. Imminent Obliteration 03:17  
8. Between Two Worlds 03:37  
9. A Dismal Future 03:14  
10. Regenerated Modifications (Necroptic Engorgement cover)

Torturous Inception
edit by LILI

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