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'CIRITH GORGOR' The Title Track from Upcoming EP presented

Dutch Apocalyptic Black Metal 'Cirith Gorgor' will release new EP titled 'Bi Den Dode Hant' through Hammerheart Records and to be released in March 2017.   While the front cover art was crafted by Viktoria Polikarpova (Visionis Phosphorescent) that featuring the Goatriders (Bokkerijders) - a nice connection with their logo.  

'Bi Den Dode Hant' will be available limited, 300 for 12'' Mini-LP's, and 500 for Digipack Mini-CD's.

The title track entitled 'Bi Den Dode Hant' has been presented, so you can listen to in this location

1. Proclamation of Destruction 
2. The Luciferian Principle
3. Bi Den Dode Hant 
4. A Vision of Exalted Lucifer

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