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'CONDEMNED', Details for forthcoming album revealed (Art and Tracklist) and New song presented

California,US Brutal Death Metal 'CONDEMNED' revealed the detail of their long-awaited forthcoming album, entitled 'His Divine Shadow'.  This third full-length album will be released on March 10th,2017 through Unique Leader Records officially worldwide

Today, they have revealed the cover art, that was crafted by Par Olofsson.   While, the album's title font by legendary logo master Christophe Szpajdell.  

The band also states regarding their upcoming album
''A slab of dark, foreboding, blistering brutality that brings together the older and newer eras of CONDEMNED in a lethal combination. ''

The New song titled 'Omniscient Perturbations ' has also presented in this location

3.Omniscient Perturbations 
5.Ascending the Spectral Throne 
6.Nefarious Sanguine Decree 
7.His Divine Shadow 
8.Pestilential Reign 
9.The Hive Ablaze
10.World-Reaving Terror

Steve Crow - Guitars 
Tyson Jupin - Drums 
Sam Townsley - Vocals
Ryan Reidy - Bass

Unique leader Records / Condemned
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