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'CRITICAL DISASTER', Advance song from forthcoming second full-length album revealed

East Java, Indonesia Brutal death metal 'CRITICAL DISASTER' have announced the signing to the Spanish label Pathologically Explicits Recordings for their upcoming second full-length album entitled Brahmavidya Shuddha Dhahanapura, which to be released early March 2017.

I've been looking forward to writing a brutal death metal from Indonesia, and this is the right time when they have announced the signing to the Spanish label 'Pathologically Explicit Recordings', and at the same time, the advance song from their forthcoming album presented.

You can listen to their song titled 'The Emperor Jayabaya' in this location

I realize and believe that they have excellent vision to the primitive of brutal death metal norm, and they bring harsh roots of brutal death metal. And, I'm still listening 'Brutality of Human Cannibalism' today.  You hear the outburst mercilessly, and you can understand the ethics of evil-sounding easily, or you can also obtain the agony of the ferocious blast in the way of natural sounding too.

A song from the upcoming album that has been presented is still consistent with the word 'merciless savagery'.  With supported by an obsolescence blast, therefore, I assume that this song has more rotten than the first one, also has more than enough for cruelly than the first, and certainly, it has more obsolete than the expected of the brutal death metal norm. So, I have executed this, ''After killing, I would mixing blood and pus in the abdomen, surely.''

Brahmavidya Shuddha Dhahanapura was mixing and mastering at NESU Productions, while, art was crafted by Raymond Art , and Photographer by Agoz Sicalomenz.

1.Arising Resurrection Armament of Kilisuci (instrument Guitar by Innu Killharmonic)
2.The Emperor Jayabaya 
3.Gods Complex of Angra Mainyu 
5.Wrath of Buta Locaya 
6.Vahana Mada 
7.Manifest The Holy Reign of Dharmaphala
8.Kali Maa Dark Mother 
9.Pradhabasu Bhayangkara 
10.Undying Reincarnation Rearmament of Sekartaji (instrument Guitar by Innu Killharmonic)

edit by Hephaesthus

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