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'CRYPTIC BROOD', The Front Cover Art, Advance Song and Tracklist for Debut Full-Length revealed

Germany most putrid Death Metal act CRYPTIC BROOD have revealed the cover artwork form their debut full length album "Brain Eater" as well as an advance song as the opening track titled "A Box Full of Bones".  Brain Eater will be released on March 1st,2017 through Xtreem Music on CD.

The advance song titled A Box Full of Bones can be heard in this location

Meanwhile, The front cover art was designed by Ravager Art.  

Born in 2013, CRYPTIC BROOD quickly gained a solid reputation through their debut demo, two split EP's and previous mini CD, also on Xtreem Music, as the most serious European inheritors of AUTOPSY with their rancid kind of organic-sounding Death Metal absolutely away from today's sound technical facilities. 

Only lovers of AUTOPSY as well as morbid heavy doomier acts like WINTER, DERKETA, UNDERGANG, early AUTOPSY and even HELLHAMMER, will be able to appreciate the honest unadultered Death Metal sound of CRYPTIC BROOD!!

Tracklist for "Brain Eater" is as follows:

01. A Box Full of Bones
02. Slurping Reeking Slime
03. Urban Coffin
04. Corroded Remains
05. Maggot-Infested Flesh
06. Ridden With Dementia
07. Gorging Severed Pieces
08. Brain Eater
09. Until it Starts to Rot

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