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'DEMONIC RESSURECTION', The forthcoming album details revealed

One of India's longest running bands, DEMONIC RESURRECTION, are back with their fifth full length album and it's a unique take on the avatars of Lord Vishnu according to Indian mythology. Each song is dedicated to a different avatar and the artwork and lyrics are indicative of the same. 'Dashavatar' follows the band's trademark epic black/death metal style that the band have cemented over the decades. The fans won't be disappointed and at the same time this is an ambitious leap forward. Tasteful solos accentuate the soaring riffs, all impeccably structured to bring to life stories from ancient Hindu mythology. Suitably atmospheric and tempered to perfection, this album holds its own in an era of ever-increasing individuality.

'Dashavatar' which translates to 'the ten avatars of Vishnu', who is the 'the God of preservation' in Hindu mythology. The album is scheduled to release on March 15th 2017 and it will be independently released by the band, who were signed to Candlelight Records for their last two albums. 

The band's vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Demonstealer comments, 
"Our previous album 'The Demon King' was born from the idea of writing about 'Ravan' who is a demon king from Hindu mythology and while we wrote our own story from scratch it did kind of set the tone of where we want to go from there. My fiance was the one who told me the rather gruesome tale of Narasimha the 'man-lion' avatar of Vishnu which really made me look at mythology rather differently and it made for a great idea to write a song about each of the avatars of Vishnu, since they were very interesting stories. It was pretty obvious then that the album had to be called Dashavatar."

Artwork has been made by Indian artist Reuben Bhattacharya (Visual Amnesia) who explains it in more detail - 

"Ten ancient gods in one and the band's most death metal sounding album, it had epic written all over it. So when Sahil got in touch with me with the brilliant idea of Dashavatar, i just had to give life to this vision. Since the idea itself of India's premier metal band doing something from Indian mythology itself is a polarizing one, I had a dual responsibility to create a Vishnu that hadn't been seen before and one that was demonical and true to the band's legacy as well. The amount of reference material to go through with this was ridiculous but i find studying and absorbing ancient lore and myths fascinating. Painting a completely new version of Vishnu was a worthy challenge i set myself and chased relentlessly. Of course it was not easy re-imagining a godly image so deep rooted in our culture; with so many layers both in meaning and sensitivity and how it relates to the stories of the 10 avatars on their respective tracks on the album. This the alien hyper god of the multiverse preserving the might of all that is good in his bolt of lightning, as the avatars fight of the sneering serpents of evil, all avatars united as one combined mega force in a central battle at the lair of all creation. Remember this image is not as a religious god, this is a metal god. ''

1. Matsya - The Fish
2. Kurma - The Tortoise
3. Varaha - The Boar
4. Vamana - The Dwarf
5. Narasimha - The Man-Lion
6. Parashurama - The Axe Wielder
7. Rama - The Prince
8. Krishna - The Cowherd
9. Buddha - The Teacher
10. Kalki - The Destroyer Of Filth

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