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'ENDEZZMA', The new song from Upcoming EP presented

Norwegian Black Metal ENDEZZMA have released the opening track titled 'Morbus Divina' which taken from the upcoming 7" EP entitled "Morbus Divina".  You can listen to this song in this location

There is much vicious incitement that causes to me unable to out of the darkness, in another sense, there are beautiful harmonies and addictive tones when listening to that song continuously. And, its effect is not closing my eyes such as listen to black metal as usual, however, I 've been forced to open my eyes as wide as possible, so as not to miss the bright light although glimmer, even though, I'm also still not find it.

Morbus Divina is a song that has a complete package of black metal. It's not just a matter of darkness, yet it has riffs that mystery that should be sought at their songs indeed, especially for the upcoming album. There is a gap for adrenaline, there is an afterthought, and there is a vision of darkness that cannot be explained. 

When you were listening to the atmospheric, cult or raw black metal, you were looking for tranquility, meditation, and anger, right?. However, when coupled with the epic, this will be different, you'll have all of that just to a song, and it is outstanding.


Morbus Divina consists two songs. Alongside the title track and the single from the upcoming album. Meanwhile, The EP b-side is a very unique and deadly special gem , a song titled “Black Tempest” is the last song that Trondr Nefas wrote for Endezzma, and unfortunately, that is the last song he ever wrote ! 

Morbus Divina was recorded, and mastered by Lars F Froyslie and Fredrik Johannesson at Malphas, with mastering duties by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio (Watain, Repugnant, Tribulation, etc).  While, The front cover art of 'Morbus Divina' was designed by Geros Ramavounis (Front Beast, Svartfell, Corrosive Carcass, etc).

Side A
1. Morbus Divina   
Side B
2. Black Tempest*

*"Black Tempest" was the last song ever written by former guitarist Trondr Nefas prior to his death in 2012.

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