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MONTHLY ASSAULT - WINTER WICKEDNESS, January 20th,2017 - Zug, Switzerland

We are interested in watching the monthly themed events, such as that provided by Monthly Assault '. We kept watching, and always strive to provide information announcements about events that they hold. And this year, in the middle of this month, precisely on 20 January 2017, they will give brutality for Switzerland and for the brutal head around the world of course, through the 'Winter Wickedness'. This event is still in the same venue in Industrie45, Zug - Switzerland.

Meanwhile, there are several events will also be held this year, so enjoy and wait because it will be posted here.

'Winter Wickedness' will featuring headliner' Defeated Sanity ', and three frenzied death metal band, among them are ' Skinned, Primordius, Cranial Engorgement, and one-man brutal death metal 'Putrid Pile'. Let us watch them.


(Germany / USA)


(Colorado - USA)


(Texas, USA)


(California, USA)


(Wisconsin, USA)


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