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'OBSCENE EXTREME FESTIVAL 2017,July 5-9 Truthnov,Battlefield - CZECH REP' :Announced HOLY MOSES as The Headliner of OEF SPEED MANIA FEST 2017 + INFEST, BRODEQUIN, RAZORRAPE, and EMBOLISM on The Next OEF 2017 Line Up

After the Wednesday's OEF programs such as Doom or Noisecore fests, Italian Hardcore Night or Wrestling Mania, they would like to introduce you the OEF SPEED MANIA FEST 2017 for old school maniacs and all of you who love superluminal speed of guitars, strength of drums and at the maximum agressive high pitch vocals.  

They had announced The German Legend 'S.D.I' and The Belgian Youngster 'EVIL INVADERS'  as the OEF SPEEDMANIA Line up 2017.  And The headliner of this program which had announced yesterday is HOLY MOSES.

One of the major bands of European thrash metal existing since 1980. They made many, many very essential albums for the European metal music. Let us think of 'The New Machine of Lichtenstein' or 'Terminal Terror' for instance released around the turn of 80´s and 90´s.

Yet, their latest album 'Redefined Mayhem' from 2014 shows the band with renewed strength and a new line-up, still fronted by an energetic and still beautiful Sabina Classen with a dynamite in her throat. Ladies and gentlemen, HOLY MOSES at OEF 2017. Expect dogs unchained!!!


Meanwhile, The Announcement of The Next Obscene Extreme Metal Festival 2017 Line up be continued. This Time, They present The Pioneers and The founders of Power Violence style, 'INFEST', Tennessee, US Brutal Death Metal, 'BRODEQUIN', The Swedish Death Grind/Gore, 'RAZORRAPE', and The Slovakian Grindcore 'EMBOLISM'.  Let's See


The whole generations of hardcorer’s dream about this and suppose also the fans of other styles who know what that name means. INFEST at Obscene Extreme Festival 2017! The pioneers and founders of the style called 'power violence'. A style that has inspired hundreds and maybe thousands of other bands that have been destroying the musical boundaries since two decades.

Short, aggressive, fast songs full of changes. Stops that turn into total madness. A charismatic frontman as well who will fucking not trouble with you. The first recording of this band was released as early as in 1987 (formed in 1986!). The beginning of 90's was branded by a break-up and the end of any activity to rise like a phoenix from the ashes in 2013. Around 2000 they recorded vocals to the recording called 'No Man's Slave' that was originally recorded without vocals as early as in 1991 during the cult recording session in KXLU radio. Their latest recording for the time being is a single from 2013 titled 'Days Turn Black'. Though their discography is quite moderate we dare to say that each recording is literally an elementary jewel or pearl for hardcore / power violence / grind scene.

The current line-up are Joe Denunzio (also Neanderthal among others), Bob Kasitz (Lack Of Interest, To The Point, Low Threat Profile, Burn Your Bridges, person who runs Deep Six Records), Chris Dodge (phew … let us start. Spazz, Hellnation, Despise You, Low Threat Profile, Burn Your Bridges, Stikky, Ancient Chinese Secret, Lack Of Interest, To The Point and the founder of the Slap A Ham Records) and the last mate is Matt Domino (Manpig, Low Threat Profile, Neanderthal). These four guys are a living US hardcore history and you will have the unique chance that may never repeat again at the upcoming volume of OEF!!!!



Once a longtime drummer Jon announced his departure lately being substituted by a young Dutch Jan Lugtenburg.   The world of brutality has come back to life hoping to see this massacre in full strength. Some other line-up changes have been done behind the strings. Jamie`s brother Mike has taken a rest and his place is being warmed up by a talented guitar player from Embodied Torment 'Joaquin Chavez'.

What a promising line-up, isn't it? History of tormenting practice transformed into music is calling  the fans of extreme death metal to their own execution!!! We are fucking looking forward to that, are you?



RAZORRAPE was estabilished as a one-man project by Martin Schönherr, ex-drummer of the bands like Deranged, Splattered Mermaids or Virgin Sin, in 2004. RAZORAPE is quite unusually a gore/grind band hailing from the European cradle of traditional death metal known as Sweden. The guys added the line-up in 2006 putting out several recordings in different formats together with the well-known Rotten Roll Rex label.

Nowaydays as trio they have managed to tour all around Europe and even Mexico where they had a proper tour. We gonna see them at the OEF stage a second time. RAZORRAPE, it´s gore and sodomy in the Swedish style!!!



Introduce to you one of the top grind acts from our neighbours from Slovakia, EMBOLISM. The band around the Kotrik´s brothers was established in 1997 and soon after their start they released a demo that greatly describes their 'Grind´n´Roll' sound. Other recordings as splits or two full-length albums followed.

The band split up in 2003 to reunite even stronger recording their latest effort called 'Devilumination'. And not only with those tunes they will be attacking the OEF 2017!!!


July 5 - 9 července, 2017
TRUTNOV - Battlefield - Na Bojišti
CZECH republic 

OEF 2017
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