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'SCORDATURA', The Advance song from Forthcoming album presented

Scottish Aggressive Death Metal Unit, SCORDATURA have revealed full details on their forthcoming studio album 'Self-Created Abyss' a few days ago.  And now, its turn to present their advance song in official lyric video format titled 'Servants of Entrapment' in this location

This passion, This desire, This enjoyment, This Oldness, This satisfaction, and frenzy for stomping the head have been saved for a long time, now revealed.  I shouted loudly to follow the lyrics and always waiting for the shouts of 'Servants of Entrapment', and from there, my imagination began to fixate on the Guts from someone who I want to rip. So, Be Happy! this is the Old age of death metal and cutthroat grooves that cause this head could have been stabbed by the knives.   And be proud!this is the rapture and excitement of brutal death metal.

Self-Created Abyss’ was recorded by Rory Doherty at Crushed Ruby Studios and mixed/mastered by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Studios (Sinister, OBSCENITY, Despondency) in Rhauderfehn, Germany.  While, The album also including guest appearance by Danny Nelson (MALIGNANCY).  Meantime, Art was crafted by Par Olofsson (Abysmal Dawn, Condemned, Immolation)

Self-Created Abyss’ is set for release March 24, 2017 via Gore House Productions as CD / Digital

1. Repulsive Miscreation 
2. Godforsaken Castigation 
3. Malignant Form Of Inhumanity (ft Danny Nelson) 
4. Engineering Retribution 
5. Consumed By Hatred 
6. Servants Of Entrapment 
7. The Vile Existence 
8. Ritual Acts Of Malevolence 
9. Self Created Abyss 
10. Confessions Inscribed

written by Hephaesthus

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