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'SINISTER', The Official Lyric Video from Forthcoming Album presented

Dutch Death Metal veteran 'SINISTER' through the Germany label 'Massacre Records' has announced  that 'Syncretism' is the title of their forthcoming album (13th full-length album), and will be out on February 24th,2017.  

Today, they present to you the official lyric video for track titled 'Blood Soaked Domain', you can watch and listen to in this location

Syncretism was produced, mixed and mastered by Jörg Uken at soundlodge.  And Cover artwork was crafted by Alex Tartsus Art Studios.

The Band's comments regarding 'Syncretism'
"It's a new story of sacrilege. Sinister is here to support the amalgamation of dark religions and rituals. The killer riffs, pounding drums and extra dimensions provide this dark atmosphere! Wait for this majestic delivery and convince yourself - this is Syncretism! This is Death Metal!"

1. Neurophobic  
2. Convulsion of Christ  
3. Blood Soaked Domain
4. Dominance by Acquisition  
5. Syncretism  
6. Black Slithering Mass  
7. Rite of the Blood Eagle  
8. The Canonical Rights  
9. Confession Before Slaughter

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