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'STREAMS OF BLOOD', New song 'Detox' from forthcoming album presented

Germany Black Metal 'Streams Of Blood' will release the third full-length album entitled 'Allgegenwärtig', through Folter Records on February 25th 2016.

After they announced front cover art and track list for their forthcoming album a few days ago, now its turn to present the new song from forthcoming 'Allgegenwärtig' titled 'Detox'.  You can listen to this song in this location

And God Hate Us All,
Unconsciousness for almost seven minutes I had been brought into their mental adventures. In One minute I was invited to contemplate all hatred against the mankind inhumanity, three minutes later I was invited to express all depravity of human behavior, and the last 3 minutes I was shown by the extinction of the human good faith.  

Remembering indeed and tasteful, of course, when I listen to the emotional package entitled 'Detox' . 'Detox' such as the episode of hatred of life, it also such as meditation on evil deeds, and most impression, it greatly affects the mental to fight for life and hates to human beings depravity.

Regarding the release dates, they will hold release party in Berlin at Nuke Club (ex-K17), and will be supported by ANGEL COPRSE, THE COMMITTEE and CIRITH GORGOR on February 25th,2016.

1. Stella Nova (Collapse) 07:15
2. Corossion 03:39
3. Detox 07:07
4. Open your third eye 05:53
5. Fusion 04:50
6. Man Owes Nature Only Death (Conduct) 03:54
7. Regeneration 06:33
8. Transformation 07:12

written by Apollo and Cerberus
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