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'DEIVOS', Another new song from forthcoming album presented

After presented the first single titled 'Dust of the Universe' from their forthcoming fifth ful length album.  This time, Polish Mighty Death metal, 'Deivos' presents the another song titled 'Sisters of Mercy'.  You can listen to it on this location

Their coming Fifth full length titled 'Endemic Divine' will be available this February, exactly on February 10th,2017 on Selfmadegod Records.  'Endemic Divine' consists of 8 songs for about 30 minutes, and  the art album was designed by Brazillian Artist Rafael Tavares.

1. Daimonion
2. Apeiron
3. Sisters of Mercy
4. Dust of the Universe
5. Gods of Death
6. Through the Eyes of the Hangman
7. Courtesan
8. Endemic Divine

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