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'DIABOLICAL MESSIAH', The Official Promo Video from forthcoming Second Full-Length Presented

Death Metal from Chile, 'Diabolical Messiah' announced will release the second full-length album titled 'Demonic Weapons Against the Sacred' through Dark Descend Records' which will be available on March 31, 2017.  It contains 10 songs that I believed would be more demon and raw from the first.  Meanwhile, the art album was crafted by 'Matt Calvert'.

A promo song video from the upcoming album has been presented, and could be seen and heard at this location.

When the rawness of death metal that is accompanied by shades of darkness, this could be an existence of fear that is difficult to be forgotten or can not be avoided, or it could also awaken an afterthought or anger from the past.

I'm enthusiastic to have their second work due to listening a promo song from their upcoming album. No doubt, due to I found something blaspheme in my memory to be recalled when listened to riffs created.  Moreover,  It seems deeper than the first one (Satan Tottendemon Victory !!!), it also more insulting than the first, and it could be easier to imagine.  Especially, I heard a sound setting that is more comfortable than the first.

written by Hephaesthus

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