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'PROFANITY', The Third Full-Length album will be coming on April 21st,2017: Art, Track List and New song revealed

On April 21st, 2017, Profanity are returning with a new full-length entitled 'The Art Of Sickness' which will be coming on Apostasy Records.  The Art Of Sickness reveals the route of the new material which is full of playfulness and technical brilliance while it strikes a balance between art and insane chaos. 

'The Art Of Sickness' was recorded at Iguana Studios (Spheron, Imperium Dekadenz, Necrophagist a.o.) with producer Christoph Brandes.   The new songs will bring all tech death gourmets to the scene. To make the album even more diverse, the band invited guests like Terrance Hobbs (Suffocation), Adrie Kloosterwaard (Sinister), Ricky Myers (Disgorge (USA)), Suffocation), Christian M├╝nzner (Alkaloid, ex-Obscura) as well as their ex-bassist Martl Bauer

Meantime, The artwork was created by Par Olofsson who created arts for albums by Exodus, Unleashed, Malevolent Creation etc.  

A new song entitled who leaves stays also has been revealed, and you can listen to at this location.

The tracks on 'The Art of Sickness' below

1. The Great Obstacle  
2. Who Leaves Stays  
3. Mouth of Nepotism  
4. Recreating Bliss  
5. Specific Souls  
6. Better Left Alone

The pre-order of the album has been available at these locations


Since 1993, the underground is shaking under the sounds of Profanity.  The German tech death three-piece set a heavy mark with their albums “Shadows To Fall” (1997) and “Slaughtering Thoughts” (2000) as well as their tour in support of Cryptopsy in 2002 and their appearance at the Maryland Death Fest 2004 alongside Misery Index and Exhumed. After some years of silence, the band is ready to be back with a vengeance. Currently they are working hard on the full-length follow-up to their EP “Hatred Hell Within” (2014) with producer Christoph Brandes in his Iguana Studios (Spheron, Imperium Dekadenz, Necrophagist o.a.) 

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