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'RESURGENCY', Artwork & tracklist for Upcoming album revealed

Greek Death Metal hellcommando RESURGENCY is back to pull the putrid flesh from your rotten bones with their new album titled 'No Worlds...Nor Gods Beyond'.   Today, They present to you the amazing cover artwork that was created by the Spanish artist Raul Gonzalez (Skeletonwitch, Master, Centinex, Morbus Chron etc). 

Regarding their 'No Worlds...Nor Gods Beyond' , Bassist Tolis comments:
"Choosing the path to go further by evolution and personal devotion, we worked really hard on this album and gave huge effort to accomplish a memorable result. Straight in your face though evil and more complex synthetically riffing,combined with lyrics concerning the anti-universe and its cosmic perversion as we approach it in all its aspects.  No compromise and time limits used.

Except that, the way the album was recorded was a major add on for our final sound as a band, following only the vision and not trivial sound paths, presenting thoroughly the final outburst and obscurity the album brings out.  No Worlds Nor Gods Beyond is faster,darker,more brutal, and definitely our closest attempt to express our inns so far..." 

'No Worlds...Nor Gods Beyond' will be released on April 21st. 2017 on CD/ltd. DIGIPAK and Digital through FDA Records / Soulfood Music.  While, The LP version will be out on June 16th. 2017.

The following news will be posted here soon.

The tracks for 'No Worlds...Nor Gods Beyond' below
01. Tresholds Of Infinite Pain
02. Progenitors Of Suffering
03. No Worlds Nor Gods Beyond
04. Upset Sun In Shades Deforms
05. Celestial Commemoration
06. Emancipation By Knowledge
07. Permutation Rites
08. Through The Gate Inside Not
09. Quartered Mental Existance

FDA Records
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