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DEADWOOD LAKE unleashed the advance song 'Above and Below' from their Upcoming Debut album

I'm not a big fan for this genre, and my collection for the atmospheric black metal is little. But I understand and accustome to the pattern of sadness, contemplation, the beauty of the rhythm that was displayed, or the darkest darkness which showed. However, I never found as complete as this. I do not know if there's a classy like this out there.   However, it's clear to me, this is the best song I've heard this year especially for this genre. But of course, this kind of genre has many concepts, I know that.

Regarding to the song, My feelings really diversified. This song is really complete I've heard, it has 3 phases at once in a song, which I think is sadness, contemplation and Anger. Incredible.  Whereas, Usually, I'm accustomed to getting only 2 phases of this genre, that is darkness and contemplation or Sadness and darkness. However , in this song they added a deep enmity.  In Conclusion is brooding for Death, sad for Life, and fighting for Angry.  fuck to reality.


'Above And Below', The new song from United Kingdom Atmospheric Black Metal 'DEADWOOD LAKE' from their upcoming debut album entitled 'Forest Of Whispers' which is scheduled to be released this December has been revealed.

Here's the song 

Band states:
''We decided to release this particular song first because we believe that it showcases everything that Deadwood Lake has to offer. Emotional lyrics, intense riffs, beautiful passages, memorable melodies, high screams, low growls and clean vocals too!

'Above And Below' is about Bruce's parents having to lose and bury their own child. So we would like to dedicate this song to them as well as any of you who have lost a child.''

Bruce Powell: Vocals & Bass
Tom Warren: Vocals & Drums
Ryan Wills: Guitar

edit by Hephaesthus

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